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For those who are new to natural supplements, there is no better way to start than with a starter kit or bundle. You could go ahead and try every product until you find one you like, but the most convenient and affordable way to sample products and discover what is right for you is a starter kit from Elixinol.

The best part? You can now save 15% on your purchase when you use the code Feelbetter15 at checkout. That’s 15% OFF on your next order.

Get Started the Right Way 

The Limited Edition Elixinol Starter Kit is the perfect option for those individuals new to herbal supplements. This bundle comes with all the essentials, including their signature oils and capsules. It’s the ideal support system to help you gain back control of your wellness and restore balance.

With the Elixinol Starter Kit, you get a little bit of each magical benefit from Elixinol’s best-sellers to help you decide on your next purchase. When each product is purchased individually, this bundle prices out over $100, but Elixinol offers this starter kit for $74.99. Let’s take a look inside, shall we? 

The Elixinol Starter Kit includes:

  • 500mg Daily Balance Winter Mint Tincture ($39.99) (full-size)
  • 60ct Daily Balance Capsules ($64.99) (full-size)
  • 2pc sachet Body Comfort Capsules (trial-size)
  • 2pc sachet Stress Less Capsules (trial-size)
  • 2pc sachet Omega Turmeric Capsules (trial-size)
  • 50mg Trial Size Balm (trial-size)
  • ‘Kind of Amazing’ Zippered Pouch

Made for Your Peace of Mind

As opposed to other brands, Elixinol crafts its products with the purest ingredients derived from organic sources and formulated using the safest extraction processes. All Elixinol products contain ingredients that naturally promote wellness. Furthermore, their products are cruelty-free and contain no synthetic flavorings and fragrances. 

For further proof of Elixinol’s commitment to quality and transparency, they offer you the ability to see the independently published Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for each of its products. These COAs are test results from third-party laboratories that provide comprehensive information about a product’s ingredients and potency. This guarantees that all products you purchase from Elixinol meet the highest quality and safety standards while remaining 100% compliant with industry standards. 

Discover More Elixinol Products

We encourage you to visit the Elixinol website to learn more about the brand and explore its products. Besides their signature oils, capsules, and creams, you’ll find dog treats and other convenient bundles for your unique lifestyle. 

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