Cornbread Valentine’s Day Sale!

Almost every retailer rolls out attractive deals for Valentine’s Day in the weeks leading up to the loveliest day of the year. That means January and early February are the perfect time to start ordering that special gift for your sweetheart. Show how much you care by gifting your partner some much-needed wellness and save yourself some money while you’re at it. 

One of our all-time favorites, Cornbread, has just launched its first Valentine’s Day sale, and we’re excited to share it with you. Available until Feb 5th, when you buy Cornbread’s AM/PM Bundle, you get a $55 Peppermint & Arnica Balm entirely free with the bundle. Simply use this offer code: LOVE – because that’s what it’s all about.

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Cornbread’s AM/PM Bundle 

The Cornbread AM/PM Bundle features the brand’s two signature products, which will be your secret tool to staying calm, focused, and comfortable throughout the day.

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For daytime use, the AM formula is rigorously refined to 75% purity. The result, a smooth and quick-absorbing final product that many describe as “tasteless.” On the other hand, the PM formula contains the broadest range of terpenes in their natural ratios. It’s the best tasting all-natural oil available.

Stay Well & Stay Loved

To reap the benefits of Cornbread’s AM/PM Bundle, we recommend using them together and respectively. The AM formula for daily use and PM for night time use. Step your gift-giving game up and enjoy a free balm stick while you’re at it.  

About Cornbread

One of our favorite brands, Cornbread, is a top contender in the natural wellness space, specializing in quality plant-based products. The brand is also known for its origin’s captivating story and its large selection of USDA certified organic products, including everything from tinctures, topicals, capsules, and so much more. The brand carries the USDA certified organic seal on many of its products, guaranteeing them to be free of toxic, synthetic substances. 

Shop Cornbread for More Herbal Products

Do Valentine’s Day right this year, get your sweetheart an unforgettable, thoughtful gift! And remember to use your code LOVE to claim your free balm stick. If you are looking for quality herbal products, Cornbread is the perfect place to grab them. We encourage visiting their website for more quality products and a more in-depth look at their unique story and mission. 

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