The Cornbread Story: Natural Supplements Proudly Made in Kentucky

When you hear of plant-based supplements, various things may come to mind, such as natural ingredients, sustainability, and better health. You can associate hundreds of things with plant-based supplements, and we bet Kentucky is definitely not of them. So, it may come as a surprise to hear that the Bluegrass State plays a significant role in producing some of the best natural supplements available today.

Of course, we are talking specifically about Cornbread, the Kentucky-based brand recognized as one of the most trusted names in the natural wellness industry. 

Why Does the State Matter So Much?

Generally, the state in which a company is based makes little to no difference in the quality of their products or services; however, when it comes to natural products, location makes a huge difference—particularly when dealing with plant-derived supplements. That’s because the extracts used to manufacture these supplements are all obtained from plants grown on farms, and Kentucky is known to have the best water and soil quality for the cultivation of strong and healthy plants. And that’s not just us saying it. 

The Cornbread Story: Natural Supplements Proudly Made in Kentucky 1

A History to Be Proud Of

Kentucky has a long and rich agricultural history, and one of its most important chapters is directly linked to the formation of Cornbread as a natural wellness company.

The company’s name was inspired by the Cornbread Mafia, a 1980s network of farmers busted for growing over 200 tons of herb across the Kentucky Bluegrass region. Most members of this “mafia” were Vietnam veterans turned farmers who had learned that Kentucky was the best place to grow these plants. Due to the state’s climate, topography, and unique environmental conditions, the plants felt right at home in Kentucky, growing into robust cultivars that resulted in one of the largest illegal agricultural operations in modern history.

Taking inspiration from a network of outlaw farmers may seem somewhat random, but it all makes much more sense when you consider Cornbread’s co-founder is journalist James Higdon. The Marion County-native has dedicated a good portion of his life to researching and writing about the history of Kentucky,

In 2005, he began a project to write the true story of the state’s infamous Cornbread Mafia. Higdon’s book, The Cornbread Mafia: A Homegrown Syndicate’s Code of Silence, was published in hardcover in 2012. It quickly became a best-seller in the nation, earning raving reviews and even catching the White House’s attention.

In fact, after the publication of Jim’s book, President Barack Obama granted clemency to dozens of men who were connected in some way to the Cornbread Mafia. He also commuted the prison sentences of another 22 men connected to the Cornbread Mafia or other areas of the industry.

The Cornbread Story: Natural Supplements Proudly Made in Kentucky 2

We strongly encourage you to visit Cornbread’s website to get to know Dr. Mudd and learn more about her research. And while you are at it, don’t forget to check out Cornbread’s collection of natural supplements made from the purest plants grown on organic Kentucky farms.

More Than Just History

It’s fair to say that Cornbread’s history is rooted deep in Kentucky’s own unique, rich history. But history is not the only thing that has made Cornbread one of the leading names of natural supplements on the market. 

For Cornbread, using ingredients grown on Kentucky farms is much more than just state pride. As we said before, Kentucky has optimal environmental conditions and arguably the country’s most nutrient-rich soil. The state is also known for its water quality, which is why Kentucky makes the world’s finest bourbon. Ultimately, combining all these factors translates to healthier crops, better extracts, and the purest plant-derived products available today. Moreover, all Cornbread formulas are tested by independent laboratories to ensure the best quality and safety standards, so you can be fully confident that you are getting the absolute best.

The Cornbread Story: Natural Supplements Proudly Made in Kentucky 3

Discover Cornbread Today

We encourage you to visit Cornbread today to learn more about its extraordinary story and discover why their natural supplements are widely considered the best in the nation.

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