Common Cause of Stress for Moms

With the promise to nurture another human being from infancy to adulthood (and beyond!) comes a life-long load of stress for mothers. While each mom may face unique circumstances and demands, the stressors experienced are essentially universal. Here are five common causes of stress for working moms.

Common Stressors Moms Deal With

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Time Constraints

Nurturing children creates additional demands on everyone in the household, but most of the load falls on the mother’s shoulders. Whether it’s a lack of time to get the dishes done, playing with the kids, time to one’s self, or time for hobbies, many mothers find that there is simply not enough time in a day to do everything they would like to do.

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Whether hiring a nanny or quitting your job to stay at home, caring for children is costly. While children are more than worth the life-long expense, parents tend to face more significant financial stress.

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Relationship Complications

As mothers invest the necessary time nurturing their children, other relationships sometimes have to take a back seat, especially if they are young and need more attention. 

Mothers of young children often feel torn between caring for the kids and still having the energy for social interactions and even sex with their spouses. They may also find it more challenging to make time for their friends as they balance the many responsibilities of motherhood.

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Protective Instincts

Entrusted with the responsibility to care for a defenseless young life and nurture it to adulthood, many mothers find the world to be a more precarious place than it once seemed. Mothers also worry about their children’s social behavior and development, making every new stage of their life challenging to the parent.

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Constant Self-Doubt

Being a mother comes with constant self-doubts that they’re not doing a good enough job. 

Because of each child’s unique temperament traits, needs, and quirks, mothers constantly need to adapt, look for new insights, and stay one step ahead of their kids to be their best as mothers. 

There are often mysteries to be resolved, crises to manage, and fires to put out along the way. It’s not uncommon for mothers to question themselves and stress about the consequences of making a mistake. 

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Me Time

Lastly, many mothers find it challenging to make time for themselves. Gone are the personal hobbies and the spa treatments days. Humans need some time alone to reflect, explore deeper connections and take care of themselves to be stable to care for others. So, confronted with all of the stressful parenting requirements, what’s a mother to do to maintain some sanity and serenity? 

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