Boost Your Productivity This Summer

The summer heat is quickly settling in, but that’s no reason to slack off, now is it? 

Summer has officially begun, and everyone’s ready to migrate to a nearby beach or pool. We get it! When the temperature outside reaches summer height, it can be hard to get anything done. Those outdoorsy, sunny lunch breaks and extra happy hours call for some real peace of mind.

These changes in temperature and routine can also make for a lack of productivity. We call it the summer slowdown. Who wants to stay cooped up at work (or home) when people are outside heading to the beach and day drinking? Alas, you need to work.

That means you must avoid the summer slowdown. With a few helpful products, you can get ahead and regain that Q1 productivity. Here are 4 plant-based products to increase productivity during those hot summer months. 

Skip the Slowdown With Pure Relief

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Mint Oil

As an integral part of your summer schedule, Pure Relief Mint Oil may help your immune system and promote mental focus when you need it most. The 1000 mg tincture contains ingredients from organic plants and natural mint flavor for a subtle yet refreshing taste.

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Muscle & Joint Salve

Pure Relief’s muscle & joint salve carries the purest plant extract and other natural ingredients, including soothing essential oils to provide maximum relief. With sustained use, our salve may deliver a wide range of benefits, including overall muscle and joint support, improved pain management, reduced feelings of discomfort, enhanced recovery after physical activity, and natural support for healthy skin.

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Daytime Gummies

Due to their sweet, fruity taste, Pure Relief Daytime Gummies are perfect for those looking for a mental boost. Packed with 30 mg of plant extract per gummy bear, all you need is one or two of these treats to help you stay laser-focused on the tasks and assignments.

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Peach Gummies

Relax and unwind with Pure Relief's new Peach Gummies. These gummies are formulated with the purest plant extracts and other premium ingredients to provide complete support for your overburdened mind. Simply pop one or two before your hot yoga or cardio session and get ready to feel those muscles loosen up.

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