FAB: The Best Rewards Program in the Industry

If you’re reading this, that means you’ve decided to give this whole wellness thing a try. Kudos to you, healthy souls. If you’re not familiar with the brand FAB, pull up a chair, and sit tight. FAB is a prominent retailer of quality natural wellness products. The company is committed to formulating the best possible products for their users to find relief when they need it the most.

Unlike other brands, FAB has been on the natural wellness product scene since late 2017– pretty new brand, right? Well, in this space, new means innovative. Their quality products aim to relieve and promote healthy living through natural supplements such as topicals, Superfood dietary supplements, and other offerings. Besides providing users with the best products, the company has a very remunerative rewards program aimed at helping the most loyal of customers save on each purchase.

The Best Rewards Program – Period  

FAB created its rewards program to give back to the most loyal and active customers to help them save money and enjoy more of their favorite products. Earning points is super simple, sign up, and you’re all set. We’re not kidding; it really is that simple. 

For every dollar you spend, you’ll receive 5x points that you’ll be able to use for future purchases and discounts. The coolest part? There are tons of ways to earn points. Creating your account gets you 50 points. BOOM! Just like that. Sharing FAB on Facebook or following their Instagram account gets you another 25. Every $1 spent will earn you 5 points, and all of your earn proceeds will always be available in your loyalty launcher once you are logged in.

Time to Redeem

Cashing in your points for FAB products is super easy. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see your points in the top right corner of the site. Click on your points, and the loyalty launcher will appear showing you all your unlocked perks. Simple as that! But wait, there is more.

When you shop your favorite FAB products and start racking up your points, you’ll climb the ranks and earn awesome perks as a highly valued member. These perks include insane deals, point multipliers (so you can earn more on every purchase), free shipping, and exclusive access to new products and limited runs. What are you still doing here? Hurry up and get started today.

Explore FAB for More Products 

The industry is crowded with dishonest companies, offering all types of tainted products. If you are looking for a trustworthy brand to buy from, then FAB is what you are looking for. Shop FAB today and start racking up your points!

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