The Best Natural Products for the Holidays

Want to get your loved ones something a little different this holiday season? Why not treat them to the wonders of natural remedies? These bundles, from herbal supplement experts FX, bring together some of their very best, carefully formulated, and easy to use products.

The holidays are fun, but they can be super stressful. Lack of sleep, anxiety, and depression all crop up at this time of year. This can be due to family commitments, work, or even the lack of natural light. Herbal supplements may help rebalance the body and mind.

FX provides everything from tinctures to facemasks, and these gift sets contain something for everyone. Here are eight of our favorite gift sets to help see you and your loved ones through the holiday period.

Holidaze Gift Set

Self-care starts here! This bundle combines plenty of wonderful supplements plus accessories to bring a touch of peace and calm to anyone’s life. This bundle contains:

  •         Soothing Aloe Vera Face Mask
  •         Rejuvediol Face Cleanser
  •         Overnight Recovery Balm
  •         Turmeric and Spirulina Gummies
  •         Blueberry Pineapple Lemon Tincture
  •         “Chill Please” tote bag
  •         A stunning gift box

The balm contains chamomile, primrose, and orange oil to bring back a little balance after those wild Christmas parties. Grab some me-time with and indulge in a face mask treatment. The gummies can be taken anywhere- great for a pick me up during hectic holiday shopping sprees- or the post-holiday sales!

The Balm Bundle

This is a cute gift set and ideal for that hard to buy for person. Balms are topical, so they are only applied to the skin. Each one comes in a beautiful tin in vibrant colors. This comprehensive set includes:

  •         Calming Balm with lavender, chamomile and tea tree oil
  •         Muscle Balm with a dual warming and cooling effect from camphor and wintergreen
  •         Overnight Recovery Balm for the best start after a tough day
  •         Shea Butter Citrus Balm to soothe and refresh the skin

Topical Bundle Gift Set

Supplements you can use on the skin are very popular with those who love their beauty regime and for those who aren’t as keen on taking supplements internally. This two-piece bundle includes:

  •         Calming Balm
  •         A convenient dispenser of lotion

The lotion contains natural plant extracts in a light and airy cream, which is designed to refresh and replenish tired skin. The balm promotes better sleep and relaxation- ideal for the busy go-getter in your life.

Treat Yourself Gift Set

This is a bundle you might want to keep for yourself! This gift set is packed with treats to counter the stresses of the lead up to the holidays and to keep you going once you go back to work. In this gift set you will find:

  •         Lavender Night-Time Face Mask
  •         Mini Calming Balm
  •         Herbal Supplement Pills
  •         Rejuvediol Face Cleanser
  •         Gummy Bears
  •         A cute tote and gift box

This gift set focuses on relaxation and rest, so give it to the person in your life who is always working hard and giving to others during the holidays.

Snooze Set

If you know someone who is always complaining about a lack of sleep, this is the gift for them. This set includes:

  •         Melatonin Gummies
  •         Lavender Night-Time Face Mask
  •         Overnight Recovery Balm

Melatonin is regularly used for sleep disorders and may encourage natural, easy sleep and less waking up in the night. Get yourself ready to sleep with the relaxing lavender facemask, and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning with an application of the overnight recovery balm.

Inner Glow Gift Set

True beauty comes from within, so give someone beautiful in your life the gift of the inner glow. This set includes:

  •         Shea Butter Citrus Balm for Revitalization
  •         Rejuvediol Face Serum
  •         Herbal Supplement Pills
  •         Turmeric and Spirulina Gummies
  •         Rose Facemask
  •         Cute tote and gift box

This combo of topical and oral supplements is perfect for any fan of natural health products.

Limited Edition FX Set

Why not get your loved one something truly unique?  This bundle is only around for a limited time and includes:

  •         Tincture Oil
  •         Lemonade Chill Shot
  •         Herbal Supplement Pills
  •         Blue Raspberry Vape Pen
  •         Turmeric and Spirulina Gummies

There’s something for everyone in this set and an easy way to enhance daily wellbeing.

Holiday Chill Gift Set

What do we all want to do in the holidays? Chill out with our loved ones, of course. Give the gift of chill with this ultimate gift set, which contains:

  •         Calming Balm
  •         Gummy Bears
  •         Herbal Supplement Pills
  •         Cucumber Face Mask
  •         The FX tote and gift box

This beautifully presented box contains just about everything anyone could need to stave off those January blues.

Which gift sets caught your eye? All with the peace of mind that comes from expertly formulated natural extracts. May your holidays be chill!


The holidays can be a wonderful yet stressful time, with long days and sleepless nights. Herbal supplements could help bring balance to your life and more joy to the season. Give the gift of peace and wellbeing with these unique bundles from FX.

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