Brand Comparison: Gold Mountain Beauty vs Cannuka

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The Best Hemp-Infused Products for Your Skin

When it comes to beauty products, artificial ingredients like sulfates and solvents are a thing of the past. Nowadays, there is no excuse not to be using natural beauty products, with many brands, both big and small, emphasizing clean, natural ingredients that won’t harm your body or the environment. In fact, there are so many natural beauty brands out there today that new users may have a tough time discerning the good with the not so good. This is particularly true for hemp-infused products, which have taken the natural beauty by storm in recent years.

Hemp is known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Adding hemp to your skincare has been proven to benefit your skin with long-term use, which is why dozens of skincare brands like Gold Mountain Beauty have started using hemp in their formulas.

As one of the leading brands of natural, organic skincare, Gold Mountain beauty has mastered the art of hemp-infused beauty. The company has long been known for its use of organic products in their formulas, so hemp was a natural next step for them to take. But how do their hemp-infused skincare products compare to competitors?

Gold Mountain Beauty Overview

The company has established itself as one of the best organic beauty brands available today with a product lineup consisting of natural solutions for all types of personal care needs. In addition to hemp-infused oils and lotions, Gold Mountain Beauty offers natural beauty products for the face and body. Their collection includes products for oral, skin, and foot health, as well as natural self-tanning products.

The brand’s mission centers around embracing the positive naturally, without putting our health or the planet at risk—and their products reflect that. Each of their products is held to strict standards to achieve the highest possible quality, and each product page includes a list of ingredients so that you can see what makes them different than the rest. Their Healthyier Living line of hemp-infused products adheres to all these standards the brand is known for, guaranteeing 100% natural products made with the finest ingredients.

Gold Mountain Beauty’s Healthyier Living Collection

The brand’s Healthyier Living collection consists of four main products designed to help with some of the most common personal care and wellness needs. 

Healthyier Living Hemp Oil

Due to its potential uses, their best-selling hemp oil is their most versatile product in this collection. Formulated with 500-1500mg of hemp extracts and natural peppermint flavor, their oils are an excellent option for both beginners and experienced users.

Healthyier Living Hemp Cream

This full-spectrum hemp cream delivers all the soothing benefits of hemp to help you achieve more radiant, younger-looking skin. This formula also includes other natural ingredients like Vitamin E and menthol, which have been proven to be beneficial to skin health.

Healthyier Living Calming Facial Serum

Made with a proprietary blend of hemp and other plant-based ingredients, this formula was designed to reduce inflammation and help rebuild healthy skin cells. Long-term use of this facial serum may minimize the visible effects of sun exposure, sleep deprivation, and environmental pollution.

Healthyier Living Body Lotion

Made with shea butter and 250mg of hemp extracts, this soothing body lotion nourishes your skin to help protect it from dryness and irritation. Over time, Healthyier Living Body Lotion can erase dark spots, sun spots, blemishes, and signs of aging.

Quality and Potency Guaranteed

Like the rest of their non-hemp beauty products, each item in Gold Mountain Beauty’s line of hemp products is derived from the best natural sources and rigorously tested to achieve optimal quality. The hemp in their products is domestically sourced from non-GMO hemp plants and formulated by licensed pharmacists with years of experience. Additionally, all their hemp products are tested by independent laboratories to ensure they comply with all industry standards and regulations for quality, purity, and effectiveness

Prices and Value

Compared to the brand’s most significant competitors, such as Cannuka Skincare, Healthyier Living cream and oil are definitely on the affordable side, though the price of the oil varies, depending on the concentration you choose. Meanwhile, their lotion and facial serum have slightly higher points, but we believe these prices align with the ingredients and overall quality the products offer.

Healthyier Living Hemp Oil- $54.99-$104.99

Healthyier Living Hemp Cream- $34.99

Healthyier Living Hemp Serum- $74.99

Healthyier Living Hemp Lotion- $64.99

How Healthyier Living Compares to Competitors

While you may be able to find more affordable options for hemp-infused body lotions and serums, Healthyier Living’s overall quality is hard to beat. With 100% natural products and a manufacturing process that prioritizes safety and purity, we believe Healthyier Living hemp-infused beauty products are definitely worth the investment.


Healthyier Living  Cannuka 
Price ★★★ ★★★★
Overall Quality ★★★★★ ★★★
Transparency ★★★★★ ★★★★
Variety ★★★★ ★★★★
Value ★★★★★ ★★★

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