Battling Dry, Chapped Lips With Plant-Based Lip Balm

Next to a giant zit, there’s nothing more annoying than dehydrated, chapped lips. Medically known as cheilitis, chapped lips are identified by the peeling, fissuring, and cracking of the lip skin. While most people get chapped lips during the wintertime, it certainly is not the only reason. It can happen at any time of year and for several reasons. The skin on your lips is considerably thinner and more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body.

Because of its increased sensitivity, the skin on your lips is especially susceptible to external influences such as the wind, cold weather, and the sun’s warming light.  

Lately, plant-based supplements have become widely popular. Now the billion-dollar industry is home to many innovative products designed to support every type of holistic lifestyle. One of those many innovative, convenient products is the new plant-based lip balm from Oils & Edibles. 

Battling Dry, Chapped Lips With Plant-Based Lip Balm 1

A Natural Solution to Chapped Lips

Yes, there are tons of lip balm brands out there. However, the flavored, plant-based versions from Oils & Edibles will leave your lips smooth and glistening while relieving any inflammation linked to dryness and flakiness. The organic fruit extracts infused with organic plant extracts give this lip balm everything it needs to gently moisturize your lips back to health. These lip balms not only make your lips amazingly soft but improve the health of your lips as well. 

Battling Dry, Chapped Lips With Plant-Based Lip Balm 2


Not All Lip Balms Are Created Equal

We’ve all experienced a bad case of dry, chapped lips at some point in our lives. In most cases, meticulous attention and application of healing balms are the keys to repairing your lips and feeling better. Don’t just get any lip balm from your local gas station or grocery store; get one that’s proven to help manage chapped lips. Get it from Oils & Edibles.

About Oils & Edibles

Oils & Edibles, a renowned natural wellness brand, was founded on the principle of the 3P’s (people, planet, and profit). Oils & Edibles cannot be compared to any other wellness brand because no one else does or offers what they do. Their site acts both as an education outlet and an online webshop where buyers are sure to find products that suit their particular lifestyle. The brand has been featured in several mainstream publications, including Forbes, CNN, and Yahoo, just to name a few.

Battling Dry, Chapped Lips With Plant-Based Lip Balm 3

Explore More Oils & Edibles Products

No more chapped lips in the winter, no more chapped lips in the summer, no more chapped lips EVER. The healing lip balm from Oils & Edibles is the last lip balm you will ever need. If you are looking for more quality plant-based supplements, we encourage you to explore their extensive collections and bundles.

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