Pure Relief: Ushering in the New Age of Alternative Wellness

In the last decade, people have become increasingly aware of the benefits of alternative wellness. Alternative wellness products have improved the lives of thousands nationwide, and the story of Pure Relief’s growth serves as a prime example of this.

Where It All Began

Despite its current reputation as one of the nation’s best manufacturers of alternative wellness products, Pure Relief did not always enjoy the prestige and recognition that is associated with the brand today. Unlike other top manufacturers of alternative wellness products, Pure Relief did not start out in a high-tech facility in Colorado or Oregon, but instead in a used-tire store in North Carolina.

The owner of the tire store, Michael “Mike” Melton saw in alternative wellness a solution to the opioid epidemic in his home city of Charlotte, North Carolina. The opioid epidemic was taking a toll on the quality of life of Mike’s family, friends, and entire community which is why he decided to start selling alternative wellness products out of his tire shop.

“The magnitude of the national opioid epidemic, and its effect on people close to me battling drug addiction, really opened my eyes to alternative wellness products,” says Melton. “Although the industry is growing, and from a business point of view it only makes sense to jump in immediately, the bigger picture of my reasoning is personally trying to change as many lives as I can for the positive, for the better. Everything else will follow if we do that first.”

Pure Relief: Ushering in the New Age of Alternative Wellness 1

The Rise of Pure Relief

Mike dedicated a corner of his store to alternative wellness products which were all manufactured using all-natural ingredients. He also decided to spread the word about alternative wellness by educating visitors about the benefits of the plant and providing them with all kinds of useful resources, including free samples of oil. Soon, old customers who had been given samples started coming back for more, and as word continued to circulate, new visitors knocking on the door asking for alternative wellness products became an everyday occurrence.

Mike’s used-tire shop quickly became a one-stop hub for all things alternative wellness in his community, eventually forcing him to turn the tire shop into an alternative wellness shop. The impact his products had on the community surpassed any expectations, as evidenced by the hundreds of touching stories shared by visitors in the store.

Determined to give people better access to these products, Mike decided to launch his own brand of alternative wellness products called Pure Relief. According to the company, its mission is to offer the best alternative wellness products online to users nationwide. They are also deeply committed to educating customers by making sure they understand how these products can improve their lives.

Pure Relief: Ushering in the New Age of Alternative Wellness 2

Pure Relief Now

All Pure Relief products are formulated by professionals with years of experience in the industry and are tested by an independent lab for quality and safety. They offer a comprehensive collection of items designed to meet every customer’s needs and preferences. Pure Relief’s full line of products includes unflavored and flavored oils, gummies, creams, and much more.

Nowadays, Pure Relief is widely considered a pioneer of the new alternative wellness movement. Their products have been featured on dozens of prestigious publications including BuzzFeed, Business Insider, and Leafly. Already recognized as one of the best alternative wellness distributors and manufacturers, there is no question Pure Relief is well on its way to becoming the standard-bearer in a heavily saturated industry.

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