5 Tips and Tricks to Relax This Summer

Summer is the time of year to relax. Yet, many of us are still cooped up at the office, busy going from meetings to meetings without even noticing the lovely, warm air outside.

You need to relax!

We know you probably don’t have time for all of that but think about it. Being on the go and working every day can take a toll on your mental and physical health. So, this summer, set aside some time for yourself to relax, rest, and enjoy the little things. We put together the top 5 ways you can relax this summer.

1. Experience Nature

A person walking on a beautiful beach leaves a trail of footprints as the sunrise illuminates mist rising from the sea in golden light.

When was the last time you took a walk and enjoyed the variety of “sensory experiences” that encompass you? We live in a world of succulent fruits, sunshiny days, and sandy beaches. So this summer, spend as much time as you can outdoors to make up for the time you spent quarantining.

2. Dine Outdoors

Multiracial group of friends enjoying a beer - Young people hands toasting and cheering aperitif beers half pint - Friendship and youth concept - Warm vintage filter - Focus on bottom hand

Something is mesmerizing about enjoying a nice meal outdoors in the summer with friends. Summer allows us to enjoy nature while providing our bodies some essential Vitamin D. Dining on rooftops or by the water is an added luxury bonus too! Watching the water, be it the ocean, bay, or lake (even the pool!), can be incredibly relaxing.

3. Make Time For Your Favorite Activities

Cycling woman riding on bike in autumn mountains forest landscape. Woman cycling MTB flow trail track. Outdoor sport activity.

What do you like to do in your free time? This summer, take some time to watch those movies you’ve been putting off since January, eat delicious food, get a bike and ride alongside the beach. Do the things that make you happy because they will reinvigorate you and increase the positive energy you may miss.

4. Consider Plant-Based Supplements


For the genuinely overworked people who can’t simply drop everything and spend the day outside, consider starting a plant-based routine. Sometimes your whole body needs a break to refuel for the next stressful day. But with the way life is set up, some of us rarely have time to drop everything to relax by the pool. So, relax on the go with Pure Relief plant-based soothing oils. Available in different combinations of flavors and concentrations, these flavorful yet potent oils are designed to calm even the most overactive minds.

5. Relax with Peach Gummies

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Relax and unwind with Pure Relief’s new Peach Gummies. These gummies are formulated with the purest plant extracts and other premium ingredients to provide complete support for your overburdened mind. Simply pop one or two before your hot yoga or cardio session and get ready to feel those muscles loosen up.

Positive Impacts of Relaxation

  • Ability to think more cognitively and make better decisions
  • A healthier body with a slower breathing rate will relax muscles and reduce blood pressure
  • Ability to better react to future stressors
  • Lowered risk of autoimmune disease, mental health disorders, and other anxiety-related conditions

About Pure Relief

Pure Relief is a manufacturer and retailer of wellness products made with plant-based ingredients. The Charlotte-based company provides some of the most innovative plant-based products on the market today. Pure Relief’s diverse product line sets it apart from other natural wellness brands. Their unique product line includes tincture oils, gummy vitamins, raw flowers, and topical products, to name a few. 

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