5 Natural Ways to Sleep Better at Night

Tired of waking up in the morning and feeling like you only slept 2 hours? These easy tips will help you sleep better and wake up feeling active and productive during the day.

Getting enough sleep directly affects your mental and physical well-being. Cut it short, and it can take a severe toll on your daytime energy, productivity, mental balance, and so much more. 

Getting a solid night’s sleep may seem impossible when it’s 3 a.m., and you just can’t manage to fall asleep. Still, you may not realize just how much control you have over the quality of your sleep. That said, you can often find the antidote for sleep struggles in your daily routine.

5 Natural Ways to Sleep Better at Night

1. Melatonin Gummies for Deep Sleep

Plant-based supplements are growing in popularity. The sleep-centric variety has proven to be more than beneficial for troubled sleepers. Pure Relief is a popular retailer of natural wellness supplements best known for its unique collection of plant-based oils and delicious gummies (daytime & nighttime). Unlike other plant-based sleep aids, Pure Relief Nighttime Gummies are designed with the troubled sleeper in mind. With 5 mg of melatonin per gummy, you are sure to find deeper and better sleep. The best part? All Pure Relief gummies are vegan-friendly and safe to use.

Packed with 30 mg of herbal extract per serving and other natural ingredients, one gummy before bedtime will help you fall asleep naturally and wake refreshed entirely. Pure Relief’s plant-based gummies help maintain:

  • Normal sleep cycles
  • Deeper and more complete sleep

2. Meditation Apps


A relaxed mind is a sleepy mind.  If you find it impossible to fall asleep, try a relaxation technique, such as progressive muscle relaxation or meditation, which can be performed without even getting out of bed. Even though it’s not a replacement for sleep, deep relaxation can help restore your body and lead to deep, restful sleep.

5 Natural Ways to Sleep Better at Night 2

3. Plant-based Oils to Relax the Body and Mind

Gummies are not the only way to reap the calming benefits of plant-based products. Made with potent plant extracts, Pure Relief’s oils come in multiple strengths and flavors so that you can find the one that is right for you. Whether you are looking for stress relief or joint and muscle support, these oils can give you that extra boost you need to fall asleep.

4. Stretch to Relax Muscles Throughout Body

If you think stretching is only necessary before a workout, think again. Stretching in the morning or before bedtime by doing low-impact exercise can help relax tense muscles, preparing your body for some much-needed sleep. 

Maximize your morning stretches with Pure Relief’s new Peach Gummies. These gummies are formulated with the purest plant extracts and other premium ingredients to provide complete support for overworked bodies and sleepless souls. Simply pop one before your stretching session and get ready to feel those heavy eyelids drop.

5. Flower Natural Relief Rolls

If your unwinding sessions consist of lighting up to relax, Pure Relief’s Flower Bundle was made just for you. Mend your sleep cycle with three of the most popular strains from Pure Relief (Sour G, Space Force, Alien OG). All you need is your grinder, your rolling tools, pack it, roll it up, and breathe in relaxation.

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