Warning Signs


of Mental Health Disorders

How can you tell if you are BECOMING MENTALLY UNSTABLE?

There are several physical and mental conditions that plant-based products are purported to help. While more research is needed to define the potential effects and benefits of such products, some existing studies suggest that they hold promise in managing several conditions, including anxiety, epilepsy, depression, sleep-related issues, and more.

Spruce’s comprehensive collection of plant-based supplements has been formulated for people of all lifestyles looking to improve their physical and mental well-being with natural, plant-based solutions or those battling chronic conditions. In addition, Spruce aims to cut the noise by offering fewer product options and clear support for selecting the right product for your specific situation or condition. Here’s how their best-selling tinctures can assist with mental health issues. 

Important Warning Signs of Mental Health Disorders

3 Warning Signs Of Mental Health Disorder 1
3 Warning Signs Of Mental Health Disorder 2

1. Drastic Sleep or Appetite Changes

One of the most significant signs of mental deterioration is abrupt changes or decline in sleep and appetite. It is a vicious cycle. Drastic changes to a person’s sleep patterns could further deteriorate said person’s mental health. Sleeping too much or too little could be a sign of depression or a sleeping disorder.

2. Mood Fluctuations

Dramatic shifts in emotional reactions or depressed moods are a clear sign of mental deterioration. Retreating from life, especially if you are known to be spirited, could be a sign of mental health disorder. Refusing to participate in social activities or hobbies you once enjoyed may be a warning sign.

Neutralizing thoughts that cause you guilt can also be a sign of deteriorating mental health. You may begin to experience self-deprecating feelings, such as making jokes about how bad you are at something or constantly taking the blame for things out of your control.

3 Warning Signs Of Mental Health Disorder 3
3 Warning Signs Of Mental Health Disorder 4
3 Warning Signs Of Mental Health Disorder 5
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3. Problems Thinking and Indifference

Difficulties paying attention, remembering specific memories, or logical thinking and speech are all clear signs of mental disorder. Furthermore, loss of energy or an indifferent attitude towards things you enjoy can also be a sign of mental deterioration.

You may feel disconnected from reality, as though you live in an entirely different world from others. This, in turn, can cause you to feel detached from your loved ones and the simple pleasures of life.

When to Seek Help?

Experiencing one or two of these symptoms is not enough to call it mental illness. Still, it may help to investigate the matter further. If you are experiencing several of these symptoms and the symptoms affect your ability to be productive or relate to others, you should see a physician or  mental health professional or consider trying alternative natural treatments.

Learn more about how Spruce's Tinctures can assist with Mental Health Disorders 4 Mental Health Disorders Spruce Tinctures Assist With.

4 Mental Health Disorders Spruce Tinctures Assist With

Learn more about how Spruce's Tinctures can assist with Mental Health Issues 4 Mental Health Conditions Spruce Tinctures Assist With.


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