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You Know About Yoga? You’ve Got to Take This Quiz

So many information out there on yoga, You practice it? Just getting started?

Take this Quiz, see how much you know about Yoga now.

1. Lets Start W/ This

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2. On Yoga

Raja YogaSimilar to classical yoga, Raja Yoga is considered the “royal path” to unifying the mind and body. Raja yoga is considered by some to be a rather difficult form of yoga.

3. Detoxifying Using Yoga

4. Yoga History

The practice of yoga came to the west back in 1893 when one of India’s celebrated gurus, Swami Vivekananda, was welcomed at the World Fair in Chicago.He is now known for having sparked the West’s interest in yoga.

5. Yoga By The Countries

Countries that yoga is least being practiced - Yoga is a very basic thing; and if you’ve had the opportunity to visit a country where it has been established for generations – India, Japan, China, and others – it’s really rather, well, ordinary.

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6. You Know This?

7. Meditation


9. Form, Type, Pose....

10. Finally

Pain management is another benefit of yoga.Since pain and chronic pain are conditions that affect all of us at some point, understanding the positive link between yoga and pain management could be invaluable.