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What are Whey Protein Powders and How Can they Help You?

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Wait, What? Why Protein? Talk more of Whey protein powders?

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what are whey protein powder


Diving back to the article title "What are whey protein powders"? First we need to know that to show off that healthy living lifestyle of yours we need to have a special intake of the right things.. Protein is one of them.

In fact it plays a huge role in your entire nutritional and healthy living lifestyle, Getting down to the article.

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What are Whey Protein Powder?

Lets start by breaking this down properly so you can understand... Milk is made up of two types of proteins and they are "Casein" and "Whey". We also have soy as well but of the three the most popular is "Whey".

Maybe cause it's usually in a water soluble form as said by Dr. Peter.

Heavy heard some one take protein shakes after a gym work out? Does that sound familiar? It's Whey protein powder.

Whey protein can be subtracted or extracted from "Casein" The other type of milk mentioned earlier or formed in the cheese making process.

dr. miracle whey protein powder

To cut the long story short, Whey protein is considered the best type of protein available cause it contains all essential amino acids and has very low lactose content. As said earlier most people who exercise alot or work out count on Whey protein powders as a supplement.

What's in Whey Protein Powders?

Thought you wouldn't ask. Whey is a mixture of four main contents. And they are:

    • Beta-lactoglobulin
    • Alpha-lactalbumin
    • Bovine serum albumin
    • Immunoglobins.

These four comprises of the "Whey Protein Powder" Often known as Dietary supplement.

What's in Whey Protein Powders?

Just as there are different types of proteins as mentioned above there are also various types of Whey Proteins as well and they are mainly three (3) types.

    • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)
    • Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)
    • Whey Protein Hydrosolate

These are the three types of protein Powders available. Whey protein Concentrate are the types that contains low level of carbohydrates which in other words (Lactose) and fats while the isolate version is further processed to excuse every form of carbohydrate.

In this case, Whey protein is always recorded taking a 90% of the composition.

However the WPH is being siad to have gone through processes like Hydrolysis to absorb body protein even better. Another thing to note about is that it does not need much ingestion as the two forms of whey protein mentioned above, Instead in minimal.

Which takes us to the Final question?

Are There Any Health Benefits of Protein Powders?

Yes of course. Protein is good for the body and so is the whey protein powders. It serves as supplements to a whole of people in different category.

For example when you're growing as a teenager, You need some percentage of protein to empower and fuel your work out sessions. There are many many benefits of whey protein which we'll be looking at now.

  • Starting to Work out? Remember we mentioned it earlier with younger people growing? It's important to note that if you're just starting to work out... You need a lot more protein to help you get past more than you normally would.
  • When you Increase Work out time. It's clear the more you work out the more you'll need protein to produce results.
  • Helping You Lose Weight. If losing weight is what you crave for then Protein powders might just help. According to this study, People who took more milk generally in protein lost a certain percentage of fats.
  • Promoting Proper Breathing & Helping With Asthma. According to another study Whey protein helps keep and build body immune to diseases like Asthma in children.
  • According to Wkipedia, Whey Protein powder is the source of amino acids and it's been discovered that it aids in preventing chronic diseases like that of the heart, Cancer, diabetes and more. The research has been ongoing since 2007.
  • We've also recognized that Whey protein can be good for body builders. Consumption of preotein powders after serious exercise and body building workouts can boost muscle growth.
  • The WPC Whey protein Concentrate also contains an element that helps prevent cancer, Should we call this an anti-cancer supplement as well?
  • It also helps in quick recovery from Injury.

There are many other benefits of whey protein powders, Infact it's help and benefits to growing the muscles fast and body building is remarkable. Here's a video where Dr. Glen where he discussed the benefits of whey protein powders to others.

In Conclusion

Now that we've discussed about the Whey protein powder, what it's made of, the types and benefits of whey protein it is also good that we discuss the side effects to people who are somehow possess some kind of allergy to milk?

It's safe to say that as researched, In moderate consumption... Whey protein powder does not really has any adverse effects when taken in but one might experience the following when it's too much:

    • Stomach Pains
    • Reduced or Loss of Apetite
    • Stomach pains
    • Nausea and Fatigue
    • Headaches at times

Now that it is clear that Whey protein powder is good for the body, Think it's time to start consuming some? Not yet.

I'm working on an article that helps with the exact type of protein powder you should buy. For now? I want you to tell me what you think using the comment form below and do not forget to share as well.



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  • Whey protein might decrease how much levodopa the body absorbs. By decreasing how much levodopa the body absorbs, whey protein might decrease the effectiveness of levodopa. Do not take whey protein and levodopa at the same time.