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What are Endurance Supplements: How Can They Help You?

Figured after writing a whole lot about what Whey protein powders are and their benefits, The next thing we should talk about is Endurance supplements.. Ever heard of them? Yes? No? Either of the two.. No worries! We'll get to it soon.


Starting from the top, Wikipedia defines endurance as the ability to go way over the line with your body and withstand whatever it is happening with you. Same as the ability to resist, recover from and immune to fatigue, trauma and the related.

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Now after seeing the definition of endurance? Lets take a look at supplements... It refers to something that completes or enhances something else when added to it. Joining the two words together! Endurance Supplements does that sound like what we're looking at here?

It should be made known clearly that Most Endurance Supplements are not for everybody, Which takes us to the main question.

What are Endurance Supplements?

Endurance supplements are made mostly for Endurance athletes in other to keep up with most of their activities. A good example is a swimming athlete who has to swim through several laps or bike riders or runners making over 180 miles per month.

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swimming endurance athlethes supplements

Wikipedia sees it as something related to health and fitness, Long distance Running, physical activities, endurance training and more. Another question to ask is why are Endurance supplements needed? That is a good question.

Why are Endurance Supplements Needed?

Most endurance athletes knows what it takes to complete the task at hand in other to win. Unfortunately enduring just by your body power might not be enough in most cases.. That's where these guys come in.

To save the day.

What makes these specific types of athletes called the Endurance types is the fact that they have to put up with doing the same thing repeatedly for hours... It entails serious endurance and since there are supplements to boost how long your body can last? Why not take it.

Endurance supplements are made specifically for these kind of athletes. If you're not one you might want to consider taking a look at protein powders and their benefits.

Since endurance activities requires tons of extra strength and efforts to pull off, It therefore makes endurance supplements much needed that's why we're going to take a deep look at the types of endurance supplements in the next few paragraphs.

Types of Endurance Supplements?

As the word implies "Supplements" there are different types of endurance supplements available in different categories and we're going to be looking at a few of them in this article. These supplements will boost your performance and aid quick recovery from all sorts of fatigue that comes with being an endurance athlethe.

Below are different types of Endurance supplements athletes should look into.


Oh my! Protein seems to be on the list yeah? Remember what we said about Proteins in our last article. It helps to build the body, That make it a no brainier that Endurance athletes need protein, Lots of it in fact.

One of the many jobs protein does is to repair, construct, maintain worn out tissues. Who else needs more protein?

whwy protein powder

In addition, The body relies on the protein it's got when it's being used out during extensive exercising or workout sessions. Taking in and having it mixed with a pinch of carbohydrate helps produce glucose for energy.

Ready for the next?

Sodium Phosphate

Sodium phosphate is commonly used as preservatives for foods mostly meats. Earlier research carried out found that be a Sodium phosphate can be a performance booster therefore great for endurance athletes.

Much aerobic and breathing activities is very much consumed by endurance athletes. Sodium Phosphate is known to speed u.p aerobic activities.

It is also discovered that it helps delay the time to tiredness by buying you extra strength. What it does is enhance the performance of the blood cells especially the red blood cells to help produce more oxygen and circulate it through the body creating more strength.

When it comes to Endurance supplements? Then sodium phosphate definitely has a huge part to play.. What's next?


Also known as Creatine Monohydrate or creatine supplements. It is always remembered with the following words "Strength" "Power" "Speed" Creatine is known to help improve muscle size and strength.

While most will disagree with above, Creatines have earned themselves a fine name in the group of endurance supplements.

For example this creatine powder has been purchased from Amazon over 2500 times and has an average review of 4.5 stars out of 5. This powder is made up of CreaPure protein and is known to improve muscle strength and size as predicted above.

It's also remarkable to know that it helps in high intensity exercise thus affecting endurance athletes in a positive way.


From time passed athletes and non athletes have been using caffiene due to the incredible power it has to delay heavy fatigue and tiredness. Although most athletes use it to boost performance, Most people use it to keep alive (Awake)

Without doubts caffiene when taken properly helps endurance.

caffieine tablets on amazon

Caffeiene is known to hit it's performance peak 1 hour after being ingested so Endurance athletes are adviced to take a few 60 minutes before the action begins to see great results.

An example of a perfect one is the ProLab Caffeine Maximum Potency 200 mg tablets on Amazon. Tons of great reviews, Provides energizing effects off caffeine without the sugar and other effects and helps in boosting pre work out exercises

Amino Acids

Best known as Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAAS) These guys helps in releasing certain neurotransmitters which gear the body up and chases fatigue off.

Bottom line? If you're about to do anything that requires extra strenght.. Don't leave behind your BCAAs for anything.

A few branched chain amino acids worth mentioning is the Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy, Fruit Fusion  and the Optimum Nutrition BCAA 5000mg Powder, Fruit Punch they seem to have the best ratings and possess one thing in common and that is:

Supports muscle building, boost performance and promotes quick recovery from exercise.

Wrapping it Up.

It's been a long article in the war on demystifying Endurance Supplements. I hope I've been able to do justice to the whole the whole topic.

Whilst these types of Endurance supplements are the major ones there are also others like Beta-Alanine which improves performance and delay fatigue as well then there's Glutamine which has the highest amount of amino acids present in the body.

I hope you're enjoy reading so far, If yes.. Please leave your feedback using the comment forms below and encourage me to write more articles by sharing this one.. Bye for now (Subscribe for more HERE)


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