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What are Amino Acids and How Can They Help You?

Least I forget to Mention, Here on I'll be writing mainly about three main forms by which we can get more nutrition and that is Protein (What are Whey protein powders and how can they help you), Endurance Supplements (What are Endurance supplements) and Amino acids (What we'll be looking at today).

what are amino acids and their types

Other forms of nutritional and healthy guides will come subsequently too.

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The human body contains a lot of Protein, In fact studies shows that 20% of the body is dominated by Proteins and Amino acids help complement it. It's also safe to say Amino acids largely contributes to major biological process in the body.

That being said, We're going to get down to what Amino acids are in the below paragraph.

What are Amino Acids

Amino acids are very important biological organic compounds. They are made up of amine (-NH2) and carbolyxic acids (-COOH) Functional groups. They are usually forming a chain. Amino acids comprises of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and nitrogen alongside other elements formed in the amino acids chain.

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amino acids chain

Apart from being a member of the protein family, Amino acids are known to perform critical process in the body such as transporting neurotransmitters through out the body...

Amino acids are known for aiding fast recovery from injury. Healing wounds and repairing worn out tissues especially those in the bones, muscle, hair and skin. One thing it does again is help in the removal of waste substances in the body by speeding up the metabolism process.

Are There Any Special Uses of Amino Acids?

Yes there are. In fact there are many ways Amino acids can help you. A well known BBC journalist confirms that plenty supply of amino acids to the body (Nutritional supplements) can have positive effects to the body... Could this be great for endurance athletes as well? The answer is YES!

There are many occasions where Amino acids can be applied and they are;

Support For Anti-Aging

Who else want to look old? Anyone? Amino acids when applied or sufficient in the body else keep signs of aging off from the body. Shiny hair, long nails, beautiful skin... Courtesy: Amino acids.

Due to it's extensive works in the body the amino acids make these very possible.

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Fat Burning

One of the most commendable things Amino acids to is help in burning fats. Most people don't like fats staying in their body at all.. I don't. Why? It adds extra weight and most people would do anything to get rid of 2 pounds stomach fats overnight.

Amino acids and other nutrients play a vital role in weight loss activities.

Amino acids are known to synthesize fat burning hormones in the body thereby aiding weight loss. They do this by increasing the oxidation levels in the body and creating ways to chase out unnecessary add-ons in the body.

Aiding Sleep, Mood and Performance

These three are closely related. In other to have a great day, a good sleep is needed and the good mood fires you through the day. As we discussed earlier Amino acids especially the branched chains do help delay tiredness and fatigue thereby improving performance of endurance athletes.

Elements of Amino acids are known to calm the body, ease of stress and aid good rest as well as do the opposite aid performance.


As protein is useful for the body, so are amino acids and research has proved these over and over again. Although there are other uses of amino acids like Delaying menopause, Allowing faster hair growth, virility and libido and others.

endurance atheletes

If you check above you'll see that i have attached an image with the list of amino acids and their types.

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