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Three Minutes Arm Workouts Anyone Can Try! Anyone.

arm workout techniques

Interested in working out your arms? You'll be glad that you can do that even more in three minutes flat with these workout techniques from NYC fitness trainer Anna Altman.

Apparently BuzzFeed had met with the certified trainer and asked her to create a set of targeted three-minute workouts — first up: arms — for every level​.

What she came up with? Awesome and you'll see them in This post as it's divided into three stages for the beginners, intermediate and the experts. Before we continue.

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Who is This Post For?

  • Individuals with little time to properly get some exercise.
  • The busy at work fellows
  • Fitness nerds and beginners.
  • People who absolutely have no time at all.

Like Anna said, A lot can be done in three minutes. We hope you get the best out of these ones.

Arm Workout Moves For Beginners

perfect arm workout techniques for beginners

Arm Workout Moves For Intermidiates

sexy arm workouts for intermediates

Advanced Arm Workout Moves

advanced arm workout moves


These arm workout moves? Awesome. Anna recommends adding it to your current set of exercises and consistently repeat them through out the week. Next time we find something awesome?

We'll share it here. Join on Facebook & Twitter so as not to miss anything.

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These babies have been viewed over 100,000 times by people who love it. Now go out there and help yourself, Happy fitness.


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