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7 Celebrity Diets, Workout Plans And What They Look Like (Infographic)

madonna celebrity diets

Have you seen your favorite celebrity, TV star or role model from afar maybe on the Television and wonder what these people do to stay in such great shape despite all the money and fame.

These people can eat what they want to, lay hands on what they wish but no... And spoiler alert! It's not exactly as easy as it sounds.

Well in this infographic article we closely examined the secret diets of 7 successful people, celebrities... What they eat, what they do and how they maintain their beautiful shape.

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celebrity diets infographics

Getting started we examined Oprah Winfrey closely... As one of the most successful talk-show hosts in the world, there is no question that Oprah needs to maintain her physical appearance for her millions of audiences.

Known as one of those celebrities who are constantly battling weight gain, she has recently toned up her figure and has never looked figure in age 50 by combining a regular exercise regime and diet plan.

She limits her consumption of white sugar and flour. Oprah also credits her trim figure to her habit of not eating anything after seven in the evening.

Another outstanding diet secret you might want to look closely is that of Jennifer Aniston.

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Jennifer aniston diet and fitness

She's known to follow the 40:30:30 diet method. Now what does that entail? From our findings it means:

40% Low Glycemic Carbohydrates.

This consists of foods like vegetables, legumes, pasta, corn, yam and others.

30% Lean Protein Foods.

This falls into the likes of low fat diary products, tofu, chicken, fish and others.

30% Essential Fats.

These consists of seeds and nuts, flax, olive oil, eggs and others.

So What's Next?

Study them, See if they're a good fit for you by taking these 5 easy steps.

​We have gone extra mile with this piece of information and even created an infographic you can download to your computer or phone, share with your friends, Pin and add to Pinterest, share to Facebook and more.

Enjoy being fit.


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