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Wanna Get Fit? Here are The 5 Basic Steps to Get Started for Fitness

Being fit is so cool, You have to agree with me and if you're not then? There's a chance that one day you might wanna take that route?

Yes! Or probably you've already made the decision already. What decision? To be fit of course "Fitness" right?.

But the sad thing is you can't just jump on board like that. Yep! Start stacking yourself with supplements, exercises and workouts your body has never experienced before.

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And all sorts of Things...​Which is why I have written these 5 basic steps to prepare yourself, get you ready for fitness.

The kinda one that won't affect your health... Are you ready to see them? So to get started with fitness? It's a must one goes through these steps.

1. Meet With Your Doctor(s)

Yep! Very first most important step. And it depends, If you have more than one doctor... Please talk to all of them and seek their opinion about your health.

There you can have a proper discussion about your overall health condition.

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Ask your doctor for the measurement of your heart rate, blood pressure as well as other factors which may need improvement.

To wrap it all up the main aim of this exercise is to determine if you're fit to begin improving via various diets and workouts.

Got that?

2. Know Yourself, Get Measured!

When I say know yourself, Get measured! I mean no other thing than get your weight measured! Yep, This is a very important task. Get your weight details.

Now you don't have to do this at the doctor's. You can always do that at home. In fact that helps you get certain of how much you truly weigh.

You should do this on a well programmed scale, You may get some basic details with our Diet Calculator Tool.

Please have it at the back of your mind that it's important to get your weight taken first thing in the morning after you've gone to the bathroom and after you've eaten.

That is the way to really know for sure. Make sure to follow these steps every time you want to carry out the weight measuring process on yourself.

3. Calculate Your BMI

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a way for experts or people to determine their weight status. According to Weight watchers from this little test you can determine if you're (a) Underweight (b) Overweight or simply within the perfect healthy weight range.

The question I'm expecting to get from you is okay now, How do I calculate my BMI? Glad you asked. The illustration below should give you an idea on how to determine this.

Before getting started on this whole exercise it's quite essential. You just need to see how unhealthy you are for now so when the better results comes rolling in?

You'll be quite happy with what you're seeing and your decision to live a healthy life.Got it? Lets move on.​

4. Measure Your Waist

An important step in getting started for fitness is measuring how you were before embarking on the journey.

This involves taking note of your current waist measurement. If you continue reading, I'll show you how to do that just right after this paragraph.

To get started, Stand up straight (SUS) Next is to pull up your shirt, suck in your gut and measure at your belly button all the way around using your measurement tape. That's the best equipment for this exercise.

If you're bad at this, Here's a guide from explaining the whole process.This will be an indicator for your weight loss and health improvement.

Got it? Great... We're just a step away from you discovering if fitness is for you or not just yet.

5. Set Your Goals

Perhaps this is the most important step of all. Setting your health goals, Your weight goals... It's almost everything.

You do this to track your progress and feel good about the results you're getting.Determine what's important for you to maintain, to work on first after the other. You can make this also look like a checklist.

In fact you could keep these differently.. A checklist and another containing your goals. Write them down and put them in several areas of your home. You can have it on the fridge, on the kitchen wall and so on.

Wherever you can so it always remind you and yourself.To even do better when it comes to setting goals. Go with the S.M.A.R.T technique. This keeps it even more real. See the image below:

See? This keeps everything all real and achievable. Make sure your weight loss goals are SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ACHIEVABLE, RELEVANT & TIME-BASED. That's all there is.


To conclude it all, make sure you have taken each of these 5 steps before you begin your journey to extreme fitness 🙂

See the doctor, Get measured, Determine your BMI, measure your waist and set your goals. Got it? In the nearest future we'll be publishing articles giving you a step by step guide through living fit.

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Happy fitness.


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