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3 Simple Advice to Start Losing Weight Today

So many people still believe losing weight is rocket science and often impossible or very hard, This perception is often due to the fact that most of the before and after weight loss pictures they see online looks unbelievable,

Partly true, sometimes they can be tricky.

Elizabeth Miller losing 80 pounds in just one week sounds outrageous though, but it did happen.​

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... Sometimes it's just mindset.

So many or a few things may be holding you back from losing the weight, dropping off the pounds, burning off body fat as you've wanted. If you've not seen this quick weight loss advice, take a look after reading this post.

In this post we've simplified everything into three main headings. Our simple weight loss advice to you today is:

  1. Eat Smart. Ditch The Unhealthy Foods
  2. Be Strong. Exercise More to Burn Extra Calories & Tone Your Body
  3. When You're Confused. Join a Fitness Program
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Yep, Those above coupled with a sense of determination, Losing weight fast could be as easy as that.

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Here's more on the three simple advice on losing weight we have for you today.

1. Eat Smart. Ditch The Unhealthy Foods

This is the foundation to everything. Healthy Eating.

The number one area you should focus on, put some more energy into when trying to lose weight is what you EAT . By now you should've known, In your quest for weight loss... "What You Eat Matters".

We learned in our top list of healthy high calorie foods that the average woman needs to consume between 1500-1800 calories a day to maintain weight, higher to gain weight and lesser to lose weight.

What does that tell you?

You don't have to go crazy with diets and counting calories. It's already laid out for you. Eat more vegetable, fruits... Healthy food combos with less calories to achieve your goal weight.

Check here to see 13 healthy snack pairings under 250 calories.

We've also added a list of clean eating recipes and snacks... Plus there are tons of resources inside Nutritionrealm Diet & Weight Loss to help you with this.

You may think it's hard but it isn't at all...

Just watch what you eat and make sure not to ingest too much calories that pushes the red button, in other words trigger your weight gain hormones to work.

2. Be Strong. Exercise to Burn Extra Calories & Tone Your Body

Sure losing weight as some people say is 70% diet and 30% exercise. Agreed! Eating healthy, these low calorie foods will maintain or even lessen your weight...

However the 30% you're to spend on exercise is not to be toyed with at all.


Exercise is what harmonizes your weight loss efforts. It is what makes the result glaring to your eyes and everyone else and above all? It is what will tone your body.

Tone as in? Whatever your body goals are, It could be to get some sexy six pack abs, burn back fat or get rid of the muffin top, it could be to strengthen your arms or even get yourself a bigger butt.

The possibilities are endless.

Know the best part? There are exercise moves for everything. You can find them on Nutritionrealm FITNESS, we've put up quite a few workout challenges for you there...

You'll find them on sites like even YouTube videos. Even some of these free Android workout apps should be able to help you with this.

To sum the above points up, The plan is to dump unhealthy foods for the healthier options, set your goals as mentioned in this weight loss guide, exercise when you can and see the changes.

Got it?

3. When You're Confused. Join a Fitness Program

And for when you're confused. Demotivated. Don't know what to do.

The best thing to do is to look for an effective, proven to work and reasonable weight loss, fitness program to join. There are tons on the internet right now, In fact several thousands.

So which do we recommend?

Simple. The 2 Week Diet is what you should look at and consider enrolling in.

Developed by health and nutrition coach and personal trainer Brian Flatt, Author of the Three weeks diet, sold thousands of copy... This program is two weeks rather three and that's how long it takes before you start seeing results.

Just 14 days? Awesome.

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