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Squat Variations For Every Every With Picture Explanations

Squats are one of the most popular forms of maintaining a fit body. Used for different areas of techniques such as getting the best body shapes and attaining a firm butt.

Others use it to actually pull their butts out too.​

But did you know there are different squat variations​ you can add to your workout routines? Greatist did a great job of rounding up forty of those great squat variations in four different categories.

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We're showing readers the best then letting you off to enjoy the rest. Ready to see them?​

1. Eagle Squat​

Anyone who thinks squats are boring will love this challenge. Begin by standing with your feet close together and arms out in a T. Lift your right leg over your left leg and wrap your right foot around the back of your left calf.

eagle squat

Now bring your right elbow underneath your left elbow, wrapping your right hand around your left forearm until your palms are together. Once you have your balance, squat down as low as you can. Return upright.

2. Curtsy Squat

Stand with your feet hip width apart and hands on hips. Move your right foot behind your left leg, as far past your left foot as is comfortable.

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curtsy squat

Using a "curtsy" motion, squat down. Keep your weight in the front leg. Return to standing.

3. Sumo Squat

Floor-stomping, 12,000-calorie meals, and lots of grunting: Why should Sumo wrestlers have all the fun? Try this variation of the traditional sumo stance by standing with your legs wide, toes pointed slightly outward.

sumo squat

Push your hips back and bend your knees, squatting until your thighs are in line with your knees. Return to standing or pulse at the bottom of the movement. We'll leave the outfit up to you.

4. Pistol Squat

If you want to impress people at parties by squatting (you know, like you do) then bust out the pistol squat. It can be tricky to master but the results are impressive. From a beginning squat position hold your left leg straight out in front of you, arms also in front and parallel to your leg.

pistol squat

Slowly squat all the way down until your butt is almost to your heel and your lifted leg is fully extended in front of you with the foot hovering a few inches above the floor. That was the easy part. Now stand back up without falling over or using your lifted leg.

If you're really adventurous you can follow this example. Or just use it as inspiration because, wow.

Warning: This one’s a toughie!

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5. Russian-Squat Jumps

Start as you would for a Sumo squat with your legs wide and toes pointing slightly out. Arms can be on top of your head or crossed in front of you at shoulder height. Lower down into a low squat.

Russian Kicks

Transfer all your weight to your left foot while kicking your right foot out to the side. Then switch your weight to your right foot and kick your left leg out to the side. For more work, add a slight jump with each weigh transfer.

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