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Sports Nutrition: 4 Foods That Can Hurt Your Performance

Recently we did a list of 7 foods athletes can eat before the big day and there's been some need to complement that article with the list of foods to stay away from before performance.

​Unfortunately, not all foods in the world are good for our sports nutrition diet.

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​But, remember, giving up food to win the race, the marathon or to find ultimate fitness is a reward far better than any food product out there.

​Giving up on these things does not have to be permanent, unless you plan to be athletic all that time. In other words, you do not have to restrict yourself from these foods forever. In fact, you may be able to squeeze something in when you are not performing or practicing, if you dare take a break!

​Here are some foods you just should avoid and reasons why they are anything but helpful to your overall performance and expectations.

​1. Candy

There we said it. You have to give up candy products because of the amount of sugars in them. They can throw off your blood sugar and cause you to have less than ideal results in your performance.

They can also make you feel awful after only a few minutes of being in your system. The reason is that they create a natural rush that can only be sustained for a short period of time.


​2. Caffeine

We have already mentioned this in our ebook but it has to remain on our do not touch page. Caffeine will slow you down and it will ultimately ruin your game.

It may even keep you from staying hydrated in the long run too.

​3. Keep yourself away from foods that you know upset your body.

While these foods may seem healthy and helpful to you, they can cause your stomach to hurt, your body to begin to concentrate on healing and loss of performance edge.

This would include any food that gives you gas, things like raw vegetables, beans and popcorn. You know your body and what you should avoid.

​4. Fatty foods.

We have talked a great deal about the harmful effects of fatty foods in your diet as an athlete. It has to be on our list here because of the amount of performance success it is likely to steal from you.

fatty foods

This would include foods that are high in saturated fats like creams, fatty meats, deep fried products, and high fat dairy products.

​Quick Word of Advice: Cut out these products from your diet and you will ultimately have a better result overall for all of your hard work.

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