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Get Fit Now With This Fun Spell Your Name Workout Challenge

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A fun and brand new way of adding more exercise into your day and getting fit all year long 😍😍.

Introducing this easy and fun spell your name workout challenge. Although we've created some workout challenge in the past like this new year weight loss challenge, Also we recently updated this article suggesting three different ways to add exercise into your busy schedule.

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This couldn't have come at a better time.

Today's workout challenge is targeted mostly at those that are running out of motivation to exercise, getting bored and looking for a fun way to get things done.

You'll love this one.

name workout challenge

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There. This spell your name workout challenge basically lists all the letters of the alphabet then we got each assigned with a few exercise moves for your body.

Genious eh? Feel free to save to print and pin to Pinterest as well.

It doesn't matter any time of the day you do it (It kinda does, the earlier the better 🙈🙈) Also see: 10 things to ask yourself before you begin bodybuilding.

The challenge is just to spell your name in full and perform all the moves attributed to each letter at least three times.

This is going to be a very interesting one and we all at nutritionrealm wishes you the best with your fitness goals this year and we'll keep coming up with strategies, tips, articles to help you achieve them😉.

You can also try any of these 7 warm up exercises to get yourself ready.


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