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Trouble Sleeping? Try Out These 3 Yoga Poses

Love doing yoga yet you still find it hard to get some decent sleep? Means you haven't tried these yoga poses from BuzzFeed.

There are many benefits of yoga. Apart from the fact that it helps and affects your body physically, it can also help you get some sleep.

If also sleeping seems to be a problem then you should see our article on exercise and getting better sleep. That should be an amazing resources added to your quest to find out why you have trouble sleeping.

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So other than that and trying to learn more about these yoga poses that helps you get some sleep, Here they are:​

1. Supine Twist​

the supine twist yoga pose

2. Knees-to-Chest

knees to chest yoga pose

3. Head-to-Knee

head to knee yoga pose

Those are the three main moves discussed in the video. Here's the full buzzfeed video below.



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