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Leg Exercises: Simple 30-Day Sexy Legs Challenge

You may have noticed here on -- we love challenges, it's one of the best ways of finding out things (new things) you can do for yourself.

It's essential to treat yourself to one or two challenges once in a while especially for the busy people. They may be health-wise or just something personal you'd like to achieve.

Eitherways you can deduce why we're here, For a health-wise challenge.

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Previously we've launched many challenges, If you'd like to take a look at them... You should see this 2017 weight loss and fitness challenge first then our spell your name workout challenge.

You may as-well get in on our 30 day firm butt challenge but the most recent one we have for you is the 30 days to 200 squats challenge, It's very hot right now.

Noticed they're mostly in 30 / 30 days? Well so is this one...

By the time you take this challenge, at the 30th day... You should be ramping up for yourself some sexy, hot legs... Yep, that's right.

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The 30-Day Sexy Legs Challenge

This challenge is just about performing three exercise moves simultaneously, systematically over the period of thirty days. These exercises help to tone your legs and get rid of unnecessary fats and jiggles.

The three moves you'll be performing are:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Calf raises.

Here are the full details of the challenge:

As simple as that.

The Exercises Explained

As mentioned above, here's a brief breakdown of the exercise featured in this challenge and some ultimate resource for you to look at.

1. Squats - You should be familiar with this one. Helps push out your booty, strengthen your butt, workout your legs. If you're new or would love to learn more about this exercise, Please see how to squat properly.

2. Lunges - According to Wikipedia, Lunges are a good exercise for strengthening, sculpting and building several muscles/muscle groups, including the quadriceps (or thighs), the gluteus maximus (or buttocks) as well as the hamstrings.

3. Calf Raises - Wikipedia says Calf raises are a method of exercising the gastrocnemius, tibialis posterior and soleus muscles of the lower leg.

To conclude it, Here's the advice we normally put out there each time we're rolling out a challenge

... Make sure to stick to schedule and pat yourself or have someone pat you for a good job well-done if and only if you stuck to the challenge and completed it, Above all let the results speak for you.

Enjoy your sexy legs, you've worked hard for it.


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