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How to do a Plank: The Real Simple Guide

Yep, another guide from

The last time it was the real simple guide on How to Squat Properly, today we're looking at a very different and popular exercise move.

The plank.

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Quite popular and effective exercise in working your abs and arm, In short it's good for your overall fitness but mostly it targets those two... Ripped belly and strong arms.

Lets Get Started.

Carrying Out the Perfect Plank: Body Check

1. Press your palms firmly into the floor and stretch your shoulders until they are as far apart as possible. keeping your nick long, your arms should feel comfortable-- not as if they're about to give you.

2. The plank may target the abs, but your legs should feel a little burn too (check out the sexy legs challenge).

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If they don't, push back through your heels and push the balls of your feet into the floor, tighten your quadriceps (thighs), and squeeze your glutes together to activate the muscles in your lower body.

3. While we're on the topic of glutes, keep that derriere nice and low-- not lifted towards the sky, your body should look like a straight line, not a triangle.

4. Just because you're challenging your muscles to sustain contraction doesn't mean that your lungs should stop moving, Remember to rhythimatucally inhale and exhale over and over again.

5. To ensure proper alignment, imagine a glass of water balance on your lower back or a ball rolling from the nape of your neck down to your heels without getting stuck in a sunken valley.

Carrying Out the Perfect Plank: The Routine

PRESS your hands and knees on the floor, with your wrists aligned directly under your shoulders and your back flat. Gaze about one foot in front of you. Your nose should print toward the floor and the back of your neck should be parallel with the ceiling.

EXTEND your right leg back, with toes flexed, then bring your left leg to join it, The weight of your body should now be fully supported by your hands and toes.

TIGHTEN your entire midsection, as if you're bracing for a sock to the gut, hang on to that feeling for 20 to 60 seconds.

To REST, Bring your knees to the floor, then sit back on your heels, keeping your big toes touching and your knees apart. Let your torso rest on the tops of your thighs with your forehead lightly touching the ground.

Your arms should be stretched out in front of you, straight but comfortable.

REPEAT by doing a total of three planks. As the move gets easier, try holding them for longer than a minute.

Congratulations, you've just learned to do the perfect plank 🙂 You may as well check out this YouTube video on the plank exercise... That's where we got the featured image for this post 😉


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