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One Week Daily Workout Plan That Works For Anyone

Working out regularly is an important aspect of overall health and fitness. It keeps you fit and helps you drop off un-needed fats in the body.

That's what we all want right?

Now even you can make use of this one week daily workout plan to stay in shape.

It was originally designed by BackonPointe and we shared his original on our guide to getting the best body shape.

Nutritionrealm only reviewed and revamped the whole fitness & workout plan then enveloped it in this infograhphic below.


one week workout plan

In addition to this one week workout infographic

It's designed for everyone. Even these can be done at work for the busy people and for the less busy? The better.

Now that you've seen this infographic. Here's the list of expected things to do:

  • Get ready ~ Prepare yourself for the work coming.
  • Save this infographic to Pinterest for later.
  • You also have permission to download it to your computer for printing ~ nothing more.
  • Share this post with your friends on social media using the buttons below.

If you have no idea what these moves are then we recommend that you see the following guides as they reveal most no equipment exercises that may be on the contents of this post:

And don't forget to keep visiting

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Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water With Lemon Every Morning

There are many benefits of drinking warm water lemon every morning. In fact in some circumstances it can have better health benefits than taking coffee.

A little cup of warm water and lemon can do wonders especially when taken early in the morning.

In this post we're going to discuss 4 core benefits taking those does to you.

Things you have no idea they can really help you a lot with.

Are you ready?

It Helps Gets Your Digestive System Ready For The Day

This sounds simple yet it's a way to give life to your digestive tract and get them ready for the day.

This simple yet powerful beverage stimulates your gastrointestinal tract — improving your body's ability to absorb nutrients all day and helping food pass through your system with ease.

It Aids Weight Loss

There's the quick weight loss tip we added above 😉

Lemon juice contains pectin, a soluble fiber that has been shown to aid in weight-loss struggles.

And if you've been sipping on a cup of tea loaded with sugar or honey every morning, this beverage will slash calories from your daily diet.

It Can Serve as a Detox

Lemons may be all that acidic but they're a good source of alkaline food known to help balance your body PH scale.

Dr. Frank Lipman is a big proponent of a hot water with lemon habit, since the combination wakes up your liver and flushes out nasty toxins.

It Can Soothe Stomach Upset

There are times when you go to bed with a full stomach.

Hot water cleanses your system, while the flavonoids from lemon juice may help reduce acidity in your stomach, so you feel like yourself sooner.

Culled from:

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Energy Boosting Snacking Solutions

7 Mood Enhancing, Bodybuilding & Energy Boosting Snacking Solutions

The best way to fuel your body is to be consuming good nutrients throughout the day.

With meals generally spaced 4-6 hours apart snacking is a pretty major part of your eating life.

​Many people, especially adults with busy schedules, will either avoid snacking altogether or snack on the highly-processed, high-sugar, and low-nutrient-content food out of convenience and...

...simply not knowing any better, or just not taking into account the major drawbacks of poor snacking habits.

​The best solution to body-damaging snacking - in a nutshell – is to...

...Prepare ahead of time!

Follow these guidelines for mood enhancing, body-building and energy boosting snacking solutions that will be a positive influence for you and everyone else in your life:

1. Know What You're Eating

Only buy packaged snacks after you have looked at the ingredient list and determined that there are no added preservatives, sugar, artificial flavors...


...or any long ingredient names that you can’t pronounce or aren’t familiar with.

It a general rule that anything with more than 5 ingredients is not likely to be a great choice either.

2. Eat Raw and Fresh Produce Whenever Possible.

Consuming mostly organic is a good rule as well, but since price is certainly a factor for some, try to at least get the organic fruits and vegetables on the list below that are most effected by pesticides.

healthy organic foods

​If you would like a handy chart for your fridge and wallet you can get this one-pager below.

​It provides you with the list of what to buy organic and what fruits and vegetables are safe to buy conventional.

3. Get Creative With Your Snacking

Cook up some healthy recipes and separate into snack size servings so they are ready to munch on at a moment’s notice or grab on the way out the door.

4. Snacking on Potato Chips The Right Way

Are you a chip fanatic? Resist the conventional potato chips that are high in salt and deep fried.

potato chips

You’ll be amazed at how tasty and crunchy your own homemade potato chips are! Thinly slice one simple potato (best done with a slicing blade in a hand slicer or food processor to make appropriately thin) and place...

...a batch in between 2 pieces of parchment paper in the microwave.

Season with a sprinkle of salt or other herbs and cook for 5-7 minutes, until they are lightly browned.

5. Light It Up With Fruits & Vegetables

Fancy up your fruits and vegetables with savory dips and tangy sauces. This will provide lots of variety along with a treat for your sweet tooth.


Make your own so you can control what’s in them. Peanut butter (with just peanuts), slightly heated is tasty treat with various fruits and vegetables.

6. Dedicate your snacking to fruits and vegetables.

Many people find it difficult to consume the required amount of fruits and vegetables the body craves to function at its peak performance.

Make one of your goals to only snack on fruit and vegetable based snacks

7. Have Nuts Around At all Time.

For the last and final point, make sure to keep a supply of natural raw nuts around you all the time.


Don’t worry about the fat content in nuts, it’s the good fat your body soaks up...

...and uses to your benefit.

You can be more concerned about over consuming high-carb foods like wheat products, potatoes and rice.

Plus, nuts are packed with protein, antioxidants and the body friendly fat: omega-3 fatty acids!

Happy Snacking!

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outdoor exercise for fitness

Outdoor Exercise For Fitness: The Complete Guide

People are becoming more and more aware of the importance of fitness and exercise. Whether inside or outdoors, you'll see people working to get and stay healthy.

Outdoor exercise is a particularly good way to improve your health and enjoy life at the same time!

outdoor exercise for fitness

​Gyms are a wonderful asset to people who can afford them, and for people who have the discipline to keep coming back after they've paid their membership dues.

Home gyms are effective ways to work out for people with lots of space and money. Sports and organized activities are a good way for social types to take care of their health while they are "seeing" and "being seen."

​But what about those who live simply - who are happy playing with their kids or their dog, who don't need or want the structure of a gym, who can't afford expensive equipment, who can't work out and talk at the same time, and who don't like competition.

outdoor exercise and its benefits

​Exercising outdoors is a fun, simple way to keep fit and enjoy nature. Outdoor exercise doesn't cost much. It doesn't require a lot of preparation. And it is a healthy lifestyle choice for anyone.

Among the many benefits of outdoor exercise are:​

  • you can do it without equipment.
  • You don't have to mess with crowded gyms and obnoxious people
  • You don't have to make a long trip to get there.
  • You can breathe fresh air and feel the wind in your hair.
  • You don't have to pay a membership fee or make a down-payment
  • You don't have to wear makeup.
  • You do get lots of sunshine and vitamin D for health bones and skin.
  • You can do it anytime, anywhere you want to

Having established that outdoor exercise is a great way to stay fit and enjoy a healthy life, you might be wondering what to do when you get outside.

​Here are seven popular outdoor exercises that will give you a good work out and leave you feeling sweaty, exhausted, and absolutely great!

1. Pushups

Great for your upper body, push-ups also have many variations, including standard, wide, and close grips. They're a perfect outdoor exercise, and if you rotate the three movements, you'll work more muscle groups and get a better result.

For easier motion, elevate your hands. For more resistance, elevate your feet. If you're really brave, try clapping your hands as you bounce.

outdoor exercise pushups

Start with your back and knees straight and parallel to the ground. Slowly lower your body until your nose touches the ground and then return to your starting position with a quick upward press.

Repeat as many times as you can without over-stressing.

2. Lunges

A wonderful outdoor exercise, this is a great way to work your bottom and hamstrings, lunges come in many different variations. This is the basic drop-knee style.

Stand with your feet about three feet apart with your knees at a 90-degree angle.

outdoor exercise lunges

Bend your knees and lower back toward the ground, making sure your heel is flat to the ground and your knees are directly over the center of your feet.

Her​e's 32 Lunge variations to keep things interesting from Greatist.

Keep your upper body straight as you push through the front heel and return to the starting position. Don't lock your knees. Just repeat in a flowing motion.

3. Squats

Squatting is one of the best ways to get that perfect body shape you crave for. Very easy to do for outdoor exercise, if they're done the right way, squats have tremendous power.

squats outdoor exercise

If done improperly, they're less effective. Squats also have many variations - standing, one leg, wide-stance, pile, and overhead. As you do repetitions, you'll feel your legs getting tired. This is a good thing.

They're great for developing your hips, butt, and thighs. Stand evenly with your feet apart. Keep your back straight and your stomach in. Your knees should be just behind your toes.

We must never confuse squats with lunges. Fitwire shows us the clear difference ​between the two.

squats vs lunges outdoor exercise

Squat to the height of a chair, and squeeze your butt as you stand. Repeat. For more vigorous exercise, hold weights in your hands as you squat.

4. Step-ups

Done properly, this can be a brutal outdoor exercise. You can use a bench as your equipment. All you have to do is step up and down, being sure to hold your head up and your back straight.

step ups outdoor exercise

Stand behind the platform (weights in hand for more power). Put your right foot on the bench, transferring your weight to the heel as you come into the step.

Use your right leg only, using your left leg for balance.

Slowly step back. Repeat this at least 10 times with your right leg before switching to the left.

5. Uphill Sprints

Only people who can do a 100-meter dash should try this one. The essential outdoor exercise, all you have to do is find a hillside, and run up it as fast as you can.

uphill sprints outdoor exercise for fitness

Walk down and repeat.

6. Chin-ups

Also known as pull-ups. You can use a tree branch or playground equipment. Grab your pull-up bar with an overhand grip.

chinups outdoor exercise

Your grip should be just wider than your shoulders. Left your body upward as high as you can, and return gently (don't fall) to your starting position.

Repeat the movement as many times as you can. This outdoor exercise will get the sweat going!

7. Duck Walks

For the un-embarrassed! Simple, but hard, this outdoor exercise will give you strong legs and endurance.

skimble duck walks outdoor exercise

Simply squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Walk in that position about ten steps, and then return. Repeat as much as you can (probably won't be much!).

In Conclusion

Doing outdoor exercise is a good workout. If done properly, these outdoor exercises will give you benefits as good, as not better, than you'll get in the fanciest gym in town using the most expensive equipment on the floor.

Outdoor exercise also lets you remember how great it is to be outside, rain or shine, breathing fresh air and listening to the birds sing.

So, go to it! Try some outdoor exercise now!

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12 Energy Boosting Foods You’ll Love (Coffee Excluded)

Foods that boost energy apart from coffee? Yep! They exist and in this post we're going to show you twelve of those energy boosting foods.

If you're thinking to have a coffee alternative then these energy boosting foods will come in handy. They're super easy to prepare, durable and will help.

In most cases people have depended on Coffee containing a significant amount of caffeine to start their day, boost energy and their mood.

That's not too bad? Although it feels like coffee is the only one that does that job.

So if you don't feel like coffee and you still needs it's work-like on your body? You should try these foods.

Good for anyone. For endurance athletes and before workouts. In here you'll find your favorite foods, those you don't even have an idea it's probably better than coffee.

We hope you like them :)​

1. Almonds

Almonds are rich in copper, manganese, riboflavin and most of all protein. It is said that manganese and copper plays a huge role when it comes to keeping the energy flowing all through your body.

Seeing as it contains a significant amount of protein also makes it perfect for energy boosting works.It's a healthy snack you should chew on when you can.

2. Eggs

And again there's another protein at your disposal. Eggs contains the highest percentage of protein in any food and almost 97% of the egg can be used and absorbed by your body. Isn't that great? They also contain all the essential amino acids your body needs.

Again! It doesn't matter how you make your egg. Whether boiled, scrambled, fried or baked... Eggs do help boost the body energy levels.​

3. Oranges

The first energy boosting fruit on our list. Oranges have very high levels of vitamin c, folate and potassium.

The citrus fruit also contains an amount of sugar enough to give you that "Sugar Rush" to power up your energy levels.

 4. Air Popped Popcorn

According to air popped popcorn is made with hot hair popper by using a microwave hack and yes it's very healthy.

Seeing as it contains a lot of fiber and sugar with way lesser calories, Air popped popcorns can raise up your energy levels in no time.

5. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in carbohydrate and Vitamin A also known as beta-cortene one of the essential vitamins responsible for a keeping your skin fresh. They also contain vitamin c and the sweetness alone is almost everything.

Serve as you like. Boiled, mashed, cut in stripes or however. This also helps keep midday fatigue off.​

6. Brown Rice

Brown rice are rich in one thing. Manganese. This same mineral helps manufacture power from others like protein and carbs and help you maintain the energy all day long.

Brown rice are best used when served side by side with your lean protein foods.​

7. Bananas

When it comes to energy boosting foods or fruits, Bananas definitely have a say in this one. Containing mostly sugar in the form of fructose, glucose and sucrose. Having some amount of fiber as well Bananas are no joke when it comes to raising energy levels.

bananas healthy foods energy boosting

You can have them spiced with peanut butter to maximize the effectiveness or just eat them. Either ways you're ending up with more energy for your work​

8. Peanut Butter

Yeah now it's peanut butter's time. It is said that peanut butters contain a significant amount of calories, Yep! but that doesn't stop the fact that it can give you that energy boosting craving you desire.

Peanut butter has healthy fats, protein and fiber which scares hunger off and keep your energy levels stable. Should we say eat more peanut butter today? And you might wanna avoid peanut butters with added sugars from some brand.

Might harm your diet.

Also Read

9. Honey

Honey is the sweetest thing nature has ever given us to taste. Low on glycemic index the honey is known to fuel the muscle during exercises making it perfect when it comes to energy boosting before workouts or for endurance athletes.


It also works after workouts to replenish lost energy. Best add to your pre-workout drinks or your tea

10. Beans

Beans are very rich in protein. They make the perfect energy boosting food. Containing about 0.2 grams of Saturated fat, 16 grams of Dietary fiber and 2.1 grams of Sugar according to Wikipedia.

Beans are very very active energy boosting food.​

11. Spinach

Spinach are very good sources of iron. One of the most important ingredient in energy creation and boosting.

spinach bowl

Try eating a spinach salad for lunch and see how that feels. It also chases fatigue off.​

12. Salmon

Salmon is in everyone's good books these days due to the rumors that it contains high content of omega 3 fatty acid which lowers body cholesterol and reduce the risk of having an heart attack.

salmon energy boosting food

But they do have an edge over others as they're rich in vitamin B6, Riboflavin​ and protein which helps convert all the food you eat into energy. You can combine spinach salad with salmon to bring it on even more.


Coffee when it comes to energy boosting no doubts does great but with these foods you are no longer tied to depending on it for more energy.

This article has just given you 13 more options you can try.

As said earlier, they're great​ for pre-workout, post-workouts and endurance athletes to enjoy as well.

So what are you waiting for?Hope you've enjoyed this article? If yes then Subscribe for more and share the love 🙂 Keep visiting and let us ​know what you think below using the comment form.

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How to Get The Best Body Shape Ever (The Ultimate Visual Guide)

I know how essential it is to get that slim and fantastic body shape, In fact we all do. While some of us are born lucky with such great shape.

...Some are just not and have to work their way up to that slim body they want and truly deserve.

Nutrition Realm was started to help with such issues which is why in this article visually I have added a whole lot of visual contents that will help you get the best body shape ever.

[quads id=”10″]

Squat Your Way There

Check out these ultimate squatting techniques to help you get in better shape 🙂 They will help you master lower body movement perfectly.


Water's Good for The Body

You know what they say about taking water especially if you're on the weight-loss journey! But then taking water might be too boring, Hey there's a way to stay hydrated with it just plain H20.

Here's ways to eat water:


[quads id=”10″]

Killer Workouts to Sauce You Up

Yep! quick workout techniques you can quickly practice if you're away from the gym or on a journey...Even at home you can do these.


Your Guide to Running

Get started with running, A few things you need. The right shoes, some water and other resources. Learn more from Fix.​​


Daily Work Out Plan?

Back On Pointe prepared an awesome daily (a week) work out plan. We found it on fitsugar and thought it was super perfect. See it below.


Sexy Arm Workouts

These sexy arms weight work out techniques from Lauren Gleisberg is almost all you need.

Yoga Yoga

Yaay! Something finally on Yoga! Rest 🙂 there's more.While you rest, Do these awesome​ stress management Yoga poses. You'll love it.

OMG! Abs in 10 Minutes?

Sounds funny? Here's some proof! These 10 minute Abs workout will rock you and your core with tons of amazing and unique styles 🙂

Got your Abs?

Perfect! Then you could as well steal these 4 moves for flat abs from

Resistance Band Abs Work out

Tough band Work outs yeah? Check out these moves from The Fit Girls.

Getting The Perfect Backside

These are the 9 very best moves for the perfect backside - Butt.

Work Work Work Work Work!

Take a look at these work outs. They're divine. What's more? You can totally pull it off in 15 Minutes 🙂

Power Pumping Yoga Workout

Yes, these Yoga poses too.

[quads id=”9″]

Improve Yoga Poses!

Learn balance from Yoga by Candice.

Master Running!

Learn to graduate from Walking to running. Courtesy: Neila Ray.

Yoga Essentials!

These yoga poses? Perfect for beginners! See these 11 essential yoga poses everyone should practice from Live Strong

Pre-workout Snacks

Fuel your workouts... Check out these pre workout snacks. You need a bite of these before an extensive workout.

Self Massages

Prevent getting loose and sustaining an injury. Gift yourself a massage by yourself.

While you Workout

During workout, while working out, in the process of working out: Inspiration from music? Sounds like more morale. Get a load of the complete playlist.

Smoothie Recipies

The perfect smoothie recipes for everything found on Stand out Health.

The Perfect Gym Bag

Have it packed like a pro. Here's the few but important things you must have in your gym bag! Don't miss any for anything in the world.

50 Reasons To Exercise From Neila Ray

Ball Workouts

This quick work out techniques to put you through the test of fitness from Run Pretty.

Wrapping It Up!

This is a pretty big list aimed at helping you get the best body shape ever.... These images do not belong to me neither did the NR team create them.

The respective owners with more details were linked to for more clarification.

If you've enjoyed this compilation, Feel free to share with your friends or Pin! to Pinterest all you want 🙂 Join us on Pinterest too. Have fun.

Diet & Weight Loss

Top 5 Best Weight Loss Offers For 2016 [Updated Products]

Quick Disclaimer: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. What does this mean? When you click though and buy any of these products, we earn a commission. It doesn't add anything to how much you have to pay for the item, The small fee we get is all on the seller and not you besides it helps us pay for numerous things we need to keep this website up and running plus free for you.

We just thought we should be truthful and transparent with you. For more info please see our full Earnings Disclaimer.

Want to lose weight fast? Get that slim hour glass body you truly deserve? Perhaps you've tried everything and it's not working?

Worry no more, We'll solve your problem right here. Apart from helping you live a better life, We also started Nutrition Realm to help set you on the perfect healthy road.

weight loss offers products 2016

Which is almost the same thing.

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Myself and some other elite have gone outta the box to research and find you the best weight loss offers, training and products. We found a lot but can only list 5 of them for now as we've got proof they work.

Are you ready to see what they are?

Before then, If you're new then you probably missed a few articles that are real good and helps debunk weight loss and how to achieve it fast, Here's a couple of them:

So to lose weight fast and get that slim body you want, Lets take a look at these offers shall we?

Green Coffee Bean Max

Heard of the green coffee bean max product somewhere before? If yes or Now! We totally understand.

Here's what we think of the weight loss product.

Green coffee bean max is a product is made of green coffee (Non roasted coffee). When added to your current weight loss programs or exercises helps accelerate weight loss process in the body.

green coffee bean max

As mentioned earlier, the green bean coffee max is formulated from non roasted coffee beans.

Green coffee beans have a higher level of chlorogenic acid compared to regular, roasted coffee beans. Green Coffee Bean Max is made from top quality 100% pure from coffee beans and contain 50% chlorogenic acid from GCA.

This makes it super perfect for folks looking to lose weight fast.

Currently there's an offer from the makers of the Green coffee beans max and we'll love NR readers to grab this fast before its taken down.

3 Bonuses If Your Order Green Coffee Bean Max



When you place an order for the green coffee bean max you get automatically added to their free wight loss membership club. It's result driven, The online fitness program you'll love and the free membership is for a lifetime.



Gain instant access to a huge library of weight loss secrets. (How to lose weight fast, Increasing your metabolism and many more when you place an order for the green coffee bean max.



Eating healthy? How to burn fat without reducing the rate at which you eat? Best low calorie diets and weight loss guides all on a purchase of a green coffee bean max that will help you.

The Green Coffee Bean Max is an offer that's just too good to be disregarded. We have added it first due to the fact that you can get all these from just a single purchase that will make a significant change in the way you shed those fats.

Wanna get all these?

The Pure Garcinia Cambogia Offer

The pure Garcinia Cambogia is another weight loss offer to be considered.. Ever heard of it?

Aha! Lets get to it.

The Garcinia Cambogia Select Weight Loss Program is combined with an exciting new breakthrough ingredient that comes with a complete online comprehensive diet and weight loss program to help you lose weight.

Combined with a sensible food program, exercise routine, and drinking plenty of water, the program will help you to regain your slim body easier and faster.

Garcinia Cambodia Select to your weight loss program. This product helps you reach your weight loss goals when combined with our comprehensive diet and exercise program.

​Garcinia Cambogia's breakthrough ingredient is combined with a complete online comprehensive diet and exercise program to help you lose weight.

With this product, You will get 100% pure Garcinia Cambodia that contains 50% Hydroxycitric Acid with the recommended dose of 800mg per serving.

3 Bonuses If Your Order Garcinia Cambogia



When you place an order for the garcnia camborgia you get automatically added to their free wight loss membership club. It's result driven, The online fitness program you'll love and the free membership is for a lifetime.



Gain instant access to a huge library of weight loss secrets. (How to lose weight fast, Increasing your metabolism and many more) when you place an order for the pure garcnia camborgia.



Eating healthy? How to burn fat without reducing the rate at which you eat? Best low calorie diets and weight loss guides all on a purchase of a garcnia camborgia that will help you.

We think you should consider looking at the garcnia camborgia offer as it's one of the best we've found around.

Weight Loss Deatox Tea By BaeTea

Everyone wants to look slim and great. We get it. There's a lot of weight loss products, offers and medications flying out there.

Well here's one and it's quite different from the two we've mentioned above in this article.

Baetea 14 day weight loss teatox might be all you need to lose weight fast the drinking way. Here's one extra reason to trust this offer. It's been sold on Amazon and is currently no.1 best selling in it's category.

With an average of 4 out of 5 stars, Over 2,260 people can't be wrong about the Beatea detox tea.

amazon beatea weight loss tea

It is made from Organic Green Tea Leaf, Organic Rooibos Leaf, Ginger Root, Oolong Wu Yi Leaf, Pomegranate, Guarana Seed, Stevia Leaf, Senna Leaf, Flavors, Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, Corn, Honey Powder, and Citric Acid which when combined does wonders to your body.

Sum it up? It's a tea that tastes great and enhances weight loss in a dynamic way. We saw this product and we just couldn't resist adding it to the list.

Delicious blend of traditional organic herbs. Blended with Organic Green Tea. Very health friendly and in expensive.

The Baetea is known to reduce bloating to acheieve a flat tummy, aid digestions, help get rid of toxins in the body... and more. Wanna try it?

batea weight loss tea

Raspberry Ketones Max

Another similar amazing offer we've found to help you lose weight fast.

Just like the first two listed above Raspberry ketones is best utilized when added to your current weight loss diets or exercises and who needs that when if you sign up to get one free bottle you automatically gets instant lifetime access to one of the best and results driven weight loss membership club on the internet.

It's no joke.

raspberry ketones select max

Raspberry Ketone Max is the latest weight loss discovery to take television health programs and online health news sites by storm.

Until now, you’d have to eat thousands of Raspberries just to get enough of the Ketone enzyme to help fight fat, but now scientists have isolated that element and extracted it into a supplement that lets you get 300mg of Raspberry Ketone in every serving of Raspberry Ketone Max.

Isn't that incredible? We've found out that this product contains:

  • 100% Pure Raspberry Ketones
  • Clinical Strenght Formular
  • No Lactose or Preservatives
  • Quality Tested!

Are there any bonuses attached to this one? Yes there are: Click here to see them for yourself!

When you order your first shipment of Raspberry Ketones Max, you'll be automatically signed up to get Free membership access to the results-based online fitness program.

This information is exclusively for Raspberry Ketone Max members, and is not available to the general public.

Combined with a sensible food program, exercise routine, and drinking plenty of water, the ingredients in Raspberry Ketone Max will help you to regain your slim body easier and faster.

So what are you waiting for? Ready to grab yours now?

Weight Loss Development Fat Burner Diet Pills

Pills right? We found this perfect one just for you... Pill lovers.

The idea behind everything about weight loss or losing weight is getting a slim body that fits into clothes properly right? Maybe this weight loss pills can work.

The fat burning superior is sold on Amazon with an average of 4.8 starts out of 5. Insane right?

Made with Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Yohimbe Extract, 8% Yohimbine, White Willow Bark, Capsaicin, Chromium (from CrChelate), L-Carnitine Tartrate, Mustard Seed and other valuable ingredients.

weight loss pills amazon

With the fat burner superior as studies shows you can lose as much as 14.77 lbs in 8 weeks. Amazing right?

The fat burner superior pills seems to be the perfect blend of everything that can help you lose weight fast. Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee if no results is being seen in 30 days after buying two bottles as seen on Amazon.

The reviews here are insane, This pills work and we thought we should let you know.

The fat burner helps boost metabolism in the body and curbs appetite. Seems like the perfect weight loss pills for you?

batea weight loss tea

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In Conclusion

We've gone way-way over the line to find you these amazing weight loss offers and products that will help you lose weight fast.

..We love these products and our research shows that it works.

So stop worrying and wasting money buying weight loss products that won't work, Pick any of these and use our Free Diet Calculator tool to keep track of your progress so you can know if it works for you or not.

We seriously hope we've been able to help with these offers! If yes then it's only fair that you share with your friends as well using these buttons below.

Feel free to pin this Image to your favorite pinterest board as well... Follow us on Pinterest 🙂

weight loss offers 2016 nutrition realm

Diet & Weight Loss , Fitness

The Metabolism Series: Understanding Metabolism & Weight Loss

weight loss and metabolism

Welcome to the third article of the Metabolism series on Nutrition Realm. If you've missed the other two articles I've published in the series Please make sure to read them as I've attached them below:

Metabolism. There isn’t perhaps a more frequently used word in the weight loss (and weight gain) vocabulary than this. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to overhear people talking about their struggles – or triumphs – over the holiday bulge or love handles in terms of whether their metabolism is working, or not.

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​Doctors, too, often refer to metabolism when they try and explain why starvation and water-loss diets aren’t scientifically of medically responsible; since, alas, they do not influence or take into account metabolism (there’s that word again!).

So, for all of the usage that this rather daunting and biologically charged word enjoys in our world, you’d comfortably assume that people understand it, right? Or, at least, they have some fundamental information when it comes to how to speed up their metabolism, right?


Your Misconception Towards Metabolism

Regrettably, many people simply don’t understand the concept of metabolism and metabolic change. This, equally as regrettably, is hardly their fault.

​Many people (quite understandably) mistake their own weight gain and loss episodes as a matter of metabolic change. Sometimes this is true, and sometimes it isn’t.

For example, as we will discuss in this article series, there are scientific ways to increase the rate of metabolic change, and thus enable the body to burn more calories.

​Eating certain foods more frequently is one way to do this (again, we look closer at these in this book). Yet another way to visibly lose weight – at least on a perceived, temporary level – is to sit in a steam room for a few hours.

metabolism and healthy eating

Whereas the former method (eating the right foods) is a real, proven weight loss method through increased metabolic change, the latter method (the steam room) is just temporary because the lost weight is merely water, and will return as swiftly as it “melted away”.

​The point to remember here is that some people mistake their own weight loss attempts as being related to metabolic change; and, as you can see with the steam room example, that isn’t always the case.

Metabolism and Weight Loss

By now, you already have a sense of how metabolism relates to weight loss (catabolic metabolism, or breaking cells down and transforming them into energy).

To understand this process even more clearly, we can introduce a very important player in the weight loss game: the calorie.


Calories are simply units of measure. They aren’t actually things in and of themselves; they are labels for other things, just like how an inch really isn’t anything, but it measures the distance between two points.

So what do calories measure? Easy: they measure energy. Yup, the evil calorie – the bane of the dieter’s existence – is really just a 3-syllable label for energy. And it’s important to highlight this, because the body itself, despite its vast intelligence (much of which medical science cannot yet understand, only appreciate in awe) does not really do a very intelligent job of distinguishing good energy from bad.

high calories food

Actually, to be blunt, the body doesn’t care about where the energy comes from. Let’s explore this a little more, because it’s very important to the overall understanding of how to boost your metabolism, particularly when we look at food choices.

In our choice-laden grocery stores, with dozens of varieties of foods – hundreds, perhaps – there seems to be a fairly clear awareness of what’s good food, and what’s bad or junk food.

For example, we don’t need a book to remind us that, all else being equal, a plum is a good food, whereas a tub of thick and creamy double-fudge ice cream is a bad food. Not bad tasting, of course; but, really, you won’t find many fit people eating a vat of ice cream a day, for obvious reasons. So what does this have to do with calories and energy?

It’s this: while you and I can evaluate our food choices and say that something (like a plum) is a healthy source of energy, and something else (like a tub of ice cream) is an unhealthy source of energy, the body doesn’t evaluate. Really.

The Body and Calories

It sounds strange and amazing, but the body really doesn’t care. To the body, energy is energy. It takes whatever it gets, and doesn’t really know that some foods are healthier than others. It’s kind of like a garbage disposal: it takes what you put down it, whether it should go down or not.

So let’s apply this to the body, and to weight gain. When the body receives a calorie – which, as we know, is merely a label for energy – it must do something with that energy.

calories burning facts and chart

In other words, putting all other nutrients and minerals aside, if a plum delivers 100 calories to the body, it has to accept those 100 calories. The same goes for 500 calories from a (small) tub of ice cream: those 500 calories have to be dealt with.

Now, the body does two things to that energy: it either metabolizes it via anabolism, or it metabolizes it via catabolism. That is, it will either convert the energy (calories) into cells/tissue, or it will use that energy (calories) to break down cells. Now the link between calories/energy, metabolism, and weight loss becomes rather clear and direct.

When there is an excess of energy, and the body can’t use this energy to deal with any needs at the time, it will be forced to create cells with that extra energy. It has to. It doesn’t necessarily want to, but after figuring out that the energy can’t be used to do anything (such as help you exercise or digest some food), it has to turn it into cells through anabolism.

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And those extra cells? Yup, you guessed it: added weight! In a nutshell (and nuts have lots of calories by the way, so watch out and eat them in small portions…), the whole calorie/metabolism/weight gain thing is really just about excess energy.

In Conclusion.

​When there are too many calories in the body – that is, when there’s too much energy from food – then the body transforms those calories into stuff. And that stuff, most of the time, is fat. Sometimes, of course, those extra calories are transformed into muscle; and this is usually a good thing for those watching their weight or trying to maintain an optimal body fat ratio. In fact, because muscles require calories to maintain, people with strong muscle tone burn calories without actually doing anything; their metabolism burns it for them.

healthy eating quotes

This is the primary reason why exercising and building lean muscle is part of an overall program to boost your metabolism; because the more lean muscle you have, the more places excess calories can go before they’re turned into fat.

People believe fat cells are permanent in the body, In fact you must've heard that too.

Most experts conceded that fat cells – once created – are there for life. Yet this doesn’t spell doom and gloom to those of us who could stand to drop a few pounds. Because even though experts believe that fat cells are permanent, they also agree that fat cells can be shrunk. So even if the absolute number of fat cells in your body remains the same, their size – and hence their appearance and percentage of your overall weight – can be reduced.

Now that we've fully understand how metabolism and weight loss are related, In our next article we'll be looking at tips and strategies to boosting metabolism in the body. Who's ready? Click HERE to subscribe once it's out and Please share 🙂

Amino Acids

What are Amino Acids and How Can They Help You?

Least I forget to Mention, Here on I'll be writing mainly about three main forms by which we can get more nutrition and that is Protein (What are Whey protein powders and how can they help you), Endurance Supplements (What are Endurance supplements) and Amino acids (What we'll be looking at today).

what are amino acids and their types

Other forms of nutritional and healthy guides will come subsequently too.


The human body contains a lot of Protein, In fact studies shows that 20% of the body is dominated by Proteins and Amino acids help complement it. It's also safe to say Amino acids largely contributes to major biological process in the body.

That being said, We're going to get down to what Amino acids are in the below paragraph.

What are Amino Acids

Amino acids are very important biological organic compounds. They are made up of amine (-NH2) and carbolyxic acids (-COOH) Functional groups. They are usually forming a chain. Amino acids comprises of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and nitrogen alongside other elements formed in the amino acids chain.

amino acids chain

Apart from being a member of the protein family, Amino acids are known to perform critical process in the body such as transporting neurotransmitters through out the body...

Amino acids are known for aiding fast recovery from injury. Healing wounds and repairing worn out tissues especially those in the bones, muscle, hair and skin. One thing it does again is help in the removal of waste substances in the body by speeding up the metabolism process.

Are There Any Special Uses of Amino Acids?

Yes there are. In fact there are many ways Amino acids can help you. A well known BBC journalist confirms that plenty supply of amino acids to the body (Nutritional supplements) can have positive effects to the body... Could this be great for endurance athletes as well? The answer is YES!

There are many occasions where Amino acids can be applied and they are;

Support For Anti-Aging

Who else want to look old? Anyone? Amino acids when applied or sufficient in the body else keep signs of aging off from the body. Shiny hair, long nails, beautiful skin... Courtesy: Amino acids.

Due to it's extensive works in the body the amino acids make these very possible.

For example, this Top Rated BCAA Capsules | Most Potent Branched Chain Amino Acids on Amazon is on fire right now averaging 4.6 / 5 on the ratings chart. Known for helping muscles, repairing and building them.

Fat Burning

One of the most commendable things Amino acids to is help in burning fats. Most people don't like fats staying in their body at all.. I don't. Why? It adds extra weight and most people would do anything to get rid of 2 pounds stomach fats overnight.

Amino acids and other nutrients play a vital role in weight loss activities.

Amino acids are known to synthesize fat burning hormones in the body thereby aiding weight loss. They do this by increasing the oxidation levels in the body and creating ways to chase out unnecessary add-ons in the body.

Aiding Sleep, Mood and Performance

These three are closely related. In other to have a great day, a good sleep is needed and the good mood fires you through the day. As we discussed earlier Amino acids especially the branched chains do help delay tiredness and fatigue thereby improving performance of endurance athletes.

Elements of Amino acids are known to calm the body, ease of stress and aid good rest as well as do the opposite aid performance.


As protein is useful for the body, so are amino acids and research has proved these over and over again. Although there are other uses of amino acids like Delaying menopause, Allowing faster hair growth, virility and libido and others.

endurance atheletes

If you check above you'll see that i have attached an image with the list of amino acids and their types.

You need more info on how to get on track with your health? Then you either want to see these 11 healthy living checklist or download your own health guide FREE. Share this article... Will ya?

Thanks for reading Nutrition realm today 🙂


1Rudman, D., Feller, A.G., Cohn, L., Shetty, K.R., Rudman, I.W. & Draper, M.W. (1991) Effects of human growth hormone…


What are Endurance Supplements: How Can They Help You?

Figured after writing a whole lot about what Whey protein powders are and their benefits, The next thing we should talk about is Endurance supplements.. Ever heard of them? Yes? No? Either of the two.. No worries! We'll get to it soon.


Starting from the top, Wikipedia defines endurance as the ability to go way over the line with your body and withstand whatever it is happening with you. Same as the ability to resist, recover from and immune to fatigue, trauma and the related.


Now after seeing the definition of endurance? Lets take a look at supplements... It refers to something that completes or enhances something else when added to it. Joining the two words together! Endurance Supplements does that sound like what we're looking at here?

It should be made known clearly that Most Endurance Supplements are not for everybody, Which takes us to the main question.

What are Endurance Supplements?

Endurance supplements are made mostly for Endurance athletes in other to keep up with most of their activities. A good example is a swimming athlete who has to swim through several laps or bike riders or runners making over 180 miles per month.

swimming endurance athlethes supplements

Wikipedia sees it as something related to health and fitness, Long distance Running, physical activities, endurance training and more. Another question to ask is why are Endurance supplements needed? That is a good question.

Why are Endurance Supplements Needed?

Most endurance athletes knows what it takes to complete the task at hand in other to win. Unfortunately enduring just by your body power might not be enough in most cases.. That's where these guys come in.

To save the day.

What makes these specific types of athletes called the Endurance types is the fact that they have to put up with doing the same thing repeatedly for hours... It entails serious endurance and since there are supplements to boost how long your body can last? Why not take it.

Endurance supplements are made specifically for these kind of athletes. If you're not one you might want to consider taking a look at protein powders and their benefits.

Since endurance activities requires tons of extra strength and efforts to pull off, It therefore makes endurance supplements much needed that's why we're going to take a deep look at the types of endurance supplements in the next few paragraphs.

Types of Endurance Supplements?

As the word implies "Supplements" there are different types of endurance supplements available in different categories and we're going to be looking at a few of them in this article. These supplements will boost your performance and aid quick recovery from all sorts of fatigue that comes with being an endurance athlethe.

Below are different types of Endurance supplements athletes should look into.


Oh my! Protein seems to be on the list yeah? Remember what we said about Proteins in our last article. It helps to build the body, That make it a no brainier that Endurance athletes need protein, Lots of it in fact.

One of the many jobs protein does is to repair, construct, maintain worn out tissues. Who else needs more protein?

whwy protein powder

In addition, The body relies on the protein it's got when it's being used out during extensive exercising or workout sessions. Taking in and having it mixed with a pinch of carbohydrate helps produce glucose for energy.

Ready for the next?

Sodium Phosphate

Sodium phosphate is commonly used as preservatives for foods mostly meats. Earlier research carried out found that be a Sodium phosphate can be a performance booster therefore great for endurance athletes.

Much aerobic and breathing activities is very much consumed by endurance athletes. Sodium Phosphate is known to speed u.p aerobic activities.

It is also discovered that it helps delay the time to tiredness by buying you extra strength. What it does is enhance the performance of the blood cells especially the red blood cells to help produce more oxygen and circulate it through the body creating more strength.

When it comes to Endurance supplements? Then sodium phosphate definitely has a huge part to play.. What's next?


Also known as Creatine Monohydrate or creatine supplements. It is always remembered with the following words "Strength" "Power" "Speed" Creatine is known to help improve muscle size and strength.

While most will disagree with above, Creatines have earned themselves a fine name in the group of endurance supplements.

For example this creatine powder has been purchased from Amazon over 2500 times and has an average review of 4.5 stars out of 5. This powder is made up of CreaPure protein and is known to improve muscle strength and size as predicted above.

It's also remarkable to know that it helps in high intensity exercise thus affecting endurance athletes in a positive way.


From time passed athletes and non athletes have been using caffiene due to the incredible power it has to delay heavy fatigue and tiredness. Although most athletes use it to boost performance, Most people use it to keep alive (Awake)

Without doubts caffiene when taken properly helps endurance.

caffieine tablets on amazon

Caffeiene is known to hit it's performance peak 1 hour after being ingested so Endurance athletes are adviced to take a few 60 minutes before the action begins to see great results.

An example of a perfect one is the ProLab Caffeine Maximum Potency 200 mg tablets on Amazon. Tons of great reviews, Provides energizing effects off caffeine without the sugar and other effects and helps in boosting pre work out exercises

Amino Acids

Best known as Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAAS) These guys helps in releasing certain neurotransmitters which gear the body up and chases fatigue off.

Bottom line? If you're about to do anything that requires extra strenght.. Don't leave behind your BCAAs for anything.

A few branched chain amino acids worth mentioning is the Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy, Fruit Fusion  and the Optimum Nutrition BCAA 5000mg Powder, Fruit Punch they seem to have the best ratings and possess one thing in common and that is:

Supports muscle building, boost performance and promotes quick recovery from exercise.

Wrapping it Up.

It's been a long article in the war on demystifying Endurance Supplements. I hope I've been able to do justice to the whole the whole topic.

Whilst these types of Endurance supplements are the major ones there are also others like Beta-Alanine which improves performance and delay fatigue as well then there's Glutamine which has the highest amount of amino acids present in the body.

I hope you're enjoy reading so far, If yes.. Please leave your feedback using the comment forms below and encourage me to write more articles by sharing this one.. Bye for now (Subscribe for more HERE)


What are Whey Protein Powders and How Can they Help You?

Hey there, Welcome to How are you today? Fine, I guess. Today we're going to be talking about what Whey protein powders are and The benefits they carry.

Wait, What? Why Protein? Talk more of Whey protein powders?

Hold on, We'll get there pretty soon... But before that... I'd like to specially welcome you here. Your visit means a lot to me... Have you read about me?

what are whey protein powder


Diving back to the article title "What are whey protein powders"? First we need to know that to show off that healthy living lifestyle of yours we need to have a special intake of the right things.. Protein is one of them.

In fact it plays a huge role in your entire nutritional and healthy living lifestyle, Getting down to the article.

What are Whey Protein Powder?

Lets start by breaking this down properly so you can understand... Milk is made up of two types of proteins and they are "Casein" and "Whey". We also have soy as well but of the three the most popular is "Whey".

Maybe cause it's usually in a water soluble form as said by Dr. Peter.

Heavy heard some one take protein shakes after a gym work out? Does that sound familiar? It's Whey protein powder.

Whey protein can be subtracted or extracted from "Casein" The other type of milk mentioned earlier or formed in the cheese making process.

dr. miracle whey protein powder

To cut the long story short, Whey protein is considered the best type of protein available cause it contains all essential amino acids and has very low lactose content. As said earlier most people who exercise alot or work out count on Whey protein powders as a supplement.

What's in Whey Protein Powders?

Thought you wouldn't ask. Whey is a mixture of four main contents. And they are:

    • Beta-lactoglobulin
    • Alpha-lactalbumin
    • Bovine serum albumin
    • Immunoglobins.

These four comprises of the "Whey Protein Powder" Often known as Dietary supplement.

What's in Whey Protein Powders?

Just as there are different types of proteins as mentioned above there are also various types of Whey Proteins as well and they are mainly three (3) types.

    • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)
    • Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)
    • Whey Protein Hydrosolate

These are the three types of protein Powders available. Whey protein Concentrate are the types that contains low level of carbohydrates which in other words (Lactose) and fats while the isolate version is further processed to excuse every form of carbohydrate.

In this case, Whey protein is always recorded taking a 90% of the composition.

However the WPH is being siad to have gone through processes like Hydrolysis to absorb body protein even better. Another thing to note about is that it does not need much ingestion as the two forms of whey protein mentioned above, Instead in minimal.

Which takes us to the Final question?

Are There Any Health Benefits of Protein Powders?

Yes of course. Protein is good for the body and so is the whey protein powders. It serves as supplements to a whole of people in different category.

For example when you're growing as a teenager, You need some percentage of protein to empower and fuel your work out sessions. There are many many benefits of whey protein which we'll be looking at now.

  • Starting to Work out? Remember we mentioned it earlier with younger people growing? It's important to note that if you're just starting to work out... You need a lot more protein to help you get past more than you normally would.
  • When you Increase Work out time. It's clear the more you work out the more you'll need protein to produce results.
  • Helping You Lose Weight. If losing weight is what you crave for then Protein powders might just help. According to this study, People who took more milk generally in protein lost a certain percentage of fats.
  • Promoting Proper Breathing & Helping With Asthma. According to another study Whey protein helps keep and build body immune to diseases like Asthma in children.
  • According to Wkipedia, Whey Protein powder is the source of amino acids and it's been discovered that it aids in preventing chronic diseases like that of the heart, Cancer, diabetes and more. The research has been ongoing since 2007.
  • We've also recognized that Whey protein can be good for body builders. Consumption of preotein powders after serious exercise and body building workouts can boost muscle growth.
  • The WPC Whey protein Concentrate also contains an element that helps prevent cancer, Should we call this an anti-cancer supplement as well?
  • It also helps in quick recovery from Injury.

There are many other benefits of whey protein powders, Infact it's help and benefits to growing the muscles fast and body building is remarkable. Here's a video where Dr. Glen where he discussed the benefits of whey protein powders to others.

In Conclusion

Now that we've discussed about the Whey protein powder, what it's made of, the types and benefits of whey protein it is also good that we discuss the side effects to people who are somehow possess some kind of allergy to milk?

It's safe to say that as researched, In moderate consumption... Whey protein powder does not really has any adverse effects when taken in but one might experience the following when it's too much:

    • Stomach Pains
    • Reduced or Loss of Apetite
    • Stomach pains
    • Nausea and Fatigue
    • Headaches at times

Now that it is clear that Whey protein powder is good for the body, Think it's time to start consuming some? Not yet.

I'm working on an article that helps with the exact type of protein powder you should buy. For now? I want you to tell me what you think using the comment form below and do not forget to share as well.