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10 Simple Daily Hacks to Manage and Reduce Stress (Infographic)

Stress is something almost all of us live and battle with from day to day, what most people don't know is that stress poses a great threat to one's overall health and fitness.

Living with stress is bad for the heart and has a negative effect on your mental health, Only very few people know this.

This is why in today's post, we're going to look at quickly 10 simple daily tips, hacks to manage and reduce stress.

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Stress can make you feel depressed and might give you headaches, You don't want that.

Without wasting our time, Here are the daily hacks to reduce stress.

1.  Start the day with some quiet time - Spending just 5-10 minutes in the morning in silence can help establish the tone for the rest of the day.

2. Think Positive - Go with positive thoughts for the day.

Keep negativity away. Take a few moments at the start of each day to establish good thoughts and intentions for yourself and perhaps also for others.

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3. Eat Mindfully - Eating Healthy and Mindfully gets you ready for the day.

Take notice while eating a daily meal or snack. What does the food actually look like, smell like, feel like, taste like?

4. Take Deep Breaths - Taking three slow deep breaths in and three deep exhalation breaths out as many times as needed throughout your day can help manage feelings of anxiety or stress.

daily hacks to reduce stress

5. Stay Hydrated, Always - Staying hydrated with water, fruits and herbal teas is a very small kind of act towards yourself and of course towards your health.

6. Set Realistic and Manageable Expectations - We may feel overwhelmed from time to time and often have numerous tasks and responsibilities at hand.

7. One Step at a Time - To avoid burnout or shutting down completely which is ultimately connected to stress, Only take care of one thing at a time or two when you can but if you know you can’t.

It’s okay to do what your body tells you.

8. Focus on Enjoying Your Day - Afterall that’s all that matters, Enjoying a stress free day.

Don’t let negative thoughts enter into your head and if they do, Slowly let them flow out, Avoid getting burned out from the various tasks you carry out by the day, delegate some to others if you can and focus on squeezing the best out of each day.

Enjoy a fun and stress free day, WEEK.

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