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13 Low Calorie Foods That Helps Lose Weight Fast in 2017

You've heard that to lose weight especially fast you have to consume foods with less or zero calories. If you're looking for a list of those type of low calorie foods to help your weight loss journey.

... Then you've come to the right place.​

Not only are these foods good for your health, They're delicious and you'll find snacking on them great for your overall health and fitness.

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Your body will have no issue processing these foods, metabolizing them faster than foods which contain more calories.​

The List of Low Calorie Foods​ For 2017

Recently, we also published a list of foods for slimmer stomach, while this post is more comprehensive than that, You'll still find checking it out after this post very useful.​

So without further ado, Lets get started shall we?​

1. ​Asparagus

Asparagus is topping our list of low calorie foods. You might have seen a recipe for making asparagus as a food that boost your metabolism in this post we published earlier.

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Asparagus goes with almost any food and is very rich in many vitamins & minerals  including ​fiber, folate, vitamin B1, vitamin K and so on. Asparagus is best prepared and eaten when grilled.

Can also be eaten raw when added to salads. Check out these salad recipes.​

Asparagus Calories Per Cup 27 K/Cal

2. Apples

This is a no brainier, you must've seen this over 2000 times so we won't say much about it. Apples should be among your food list if not at the top.

fruits that aid weight loss

It's considered one of the healthiest food on the planet rich in vitamin, minerals and antioxidants. They're also perfect for anytime snacking.​

Apple Calories Per Cup 57 K/Cal

3. Cucumbers

A single cucumber is made up of 90% water. Do you think such food will contain so much calories after that? Cucumbers are knovn to contain all sorts of vitamins ranging from vitamin B7, B5 and also some amount of biotin.

Cucumbers contain polyphenols which helps reduce cancer rate and calm stress levels. Not only is it good for weight loss, It has many health benefits to the body.

Cucumber calories per cup 16 k/cal

4. Lemons

Too much love for lemon right now.

Lemons are used to prepare wide range of ​healthy drinks and foods. From detox waters to healthy chicken recipes. In fact one of the most popular posts ever on Nutritionrealm is this one on the health benefits of drinking warm water with lemon every morning.

They're a good source​ of vitamin C and are friendly to your digestive health.

They're also super low in calories which makes it perfect for anyone who's looking to lose weight fast.​

Lemons calories per cup 61 k/cal

5. Watermelon

These guys are basically the best, Filled with tons of nutritional benefits and water, watermelons are one of the go to foods when it comes to calorie constituents.

Sweet and healthy, and best when snacked on 🙂

Melons calories per cup 47 k/cal

6. Kale

Considered a super-food and featured in our last post, Kale is an excellent option for weight watchers and giving its low cholesterol feature, It's perfect.

Kale is rich in vitamin C, K, and A. Also possesses antioxidants, Good for the body. Kale is best consumed with other foods or raw with salads.

These salad recipes has you covered.​

Kale calories per cup 33 k/cal

7. Celery

Celery is among the low calorie foods people who want to lose weight fast should care about. Mentioned in our list of clean eating snacks under 100 calories, Celery is among the healthy food containing...

Vitamin K with a ​substantial amount of water. Celery is best consumed with soups or can be perfect when taken with peanut butter.

Celery calories per cup 16 k/cal

8. Oranges

Featured in our list of 11 fruits that aids weight loss, Oranges are known for it's richness in tons of vitamins such as vitamin C, B & A. Being a member of the citrus family, Oranges are also considered to contain a substantial amount of fiber.

They help you lose weight and stay healthy, refreshed and energized all day long.

Oranges calories per cup 85 k/cal

9. Tomatoes


Tomatoes are also regarded as foods containing very low calories, They do.

They contain Lycopene, This feature makes it among the foods that keeps cancer at bay, Also rich in vitamin C and one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

Tomatoes calories per cup 32 k/cal

10. Cauliflower

You must've eaten something with cauliflower this year, If yes.. Keep it  up.

They're one of those similar vegetable to broccoli and it's very low in calories. Best cooked with other foods or eaten raw.

11. Carrots

Yes, carrots made this list of low calorie foods.

They're rich in vitamin A which is very good for the eyesight but they're also a great snacking option for people on their weight loss journey.

They contain tons of antioxidants and does a lot of good to the digestive system. Carrots are best eaten raw or prepared with almost anything ranging from rice to salads.

Carrots calories per cup 53 k/cal

12. Onions

Onions produce a delicious flavor when added to foods. They're famous for their cardiovascular protection and support for the bone.


Best cooked with most foods or eaten raw... Perhaps sliced and sprinkled on grilled eats.

Onions calories per cup 46 k/cal

13. Broccoli 

The last but not least on foods with almost no calorie is Broccoli.

Also considered a super food and one of the healthiest foods on the planet, Broccoli is super good for you.

They're super rich in vitamin and minerals and can reduce the chances of getting cancer. They're also used in making detox drinks and best eaten roasted or steamed.

Broccoli calories per cup 30 k/cal

Now that you know that there are some foods that are healthier than others and can help you lose weight, These thirteen low calorie foods are the best for you.

If you have any comments, Please leave them below.

And don't hesitate to share this post if it has helped you one way or the other.​


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