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The Causes of Low Back Pain and Possible Treatments

As there are many causes of low back pain, so there are ways to treat them.

Low back pain is a usual symptom among the modern civilized people. It affects mainly the middle aged and young adults (both men and women).

​People who work on the chair with out exercise and those who carry heavy loads regularly are prone to get complain of Low Back Pain.

We can hardly find a person who has not suffered from back pain at least once in life.

I know I have from sitting in front of the computer for a very long time.

Don't get it twisted, There are many reasons for experiencing lower back pain and that's what we'll be talking about in this post.

The causes of low backpain ranges from simple reasons like muscular strain to cancer of spine and hence backache should not be ignored.

backpain exerecices

The pain is felt in lumbar and sacral region and may radiate to nearby sites.

​In Quick Summary, Here are the 3 Main Causes of Backache

Listed below are the three main causes of back pain.

  • Backache due to diseases in the back.
  • Backache due to gynaecological problems.
  • Backache due to problems in other parts of the body.

Now that we've discovered the three main principal causes of backache associated with lower back pain.

Lets dive deeper by splitting up each founding cause.

1. Backache Due to Diseases In The Back

Diseases in the back may be the cause of the back pain issues you're having. This part is divided into several sections.

Injuries are one of the causes of back pain. Here's the full list.

Functional backache due to imbalance

  • 1) During pregnancy.
  • 2) Pot belly.
  • 3) Diseases of the hip joint.411
  • 4) Curvature in the spine due to congenital defect.
  • 5) Short leg in one side.

Injurial Causes of Lower Back Pain

  • 1) Compression fracture of the vertebral column.
  • 2) Rupture of intervertebral discs.
  • 3) Injuries to ligaments and muscles of back.
  • 4) Lumbosacral strain.
  • 5) Intervertebral joint injuries.
  • 6) Fracture of processes of vertebra.

Backache due to inflammatory conditions

  • 1) Infection of the bone due to bacteria.
  • 2) Tuberculosis of the spine.
  • 3) Arthritis.
  • 4) Brucellosis.
  • 5) Lumbago or fibrositis.
  • 6) Inflamation of the muscles.
  • 7) Anchylosing spondylitis.

Backache due to degenerative diseases in the back.

  • 1) Osteoarthritis.
  • 2) Osteoporosis in old people.
  • 3) Degenaration of the intervertebral disc.

Tumour in the spine

  • 1) Primory tumour of the bones in the spine.
  • 2) Metastatic tumours from other sites like prostate,lungs,kidneys,intestine ect.

2. Backache Due to Gynecological Problems

These are the Gynecological causes of back pain.

  • a) After childbirth
  • b) After gynaecological operations.
  • c) Prolapse of the uterus.
  • d) Pelvic inflammatory diseases.
  • e) Cancerous lesions of the pelvic organs.
  • f) Endometriosis.

3. Backache Due to Other Problems In The Body


Find below the other causes of lower back pain due to other problems in the body.

  • a) Renal stones.
  • b) Ureteric stone.
  • c) Cancer of prostate.
  • d) Pancreatitis.
  • e) Biliary stones.
  • f) Peptic ulcer.
  • g) Inflammations of pelvic organs.
  • h) Occlusion of aorta and illiac arteries

Troubleshooting, Here are ways to Get more details.

Low back pain can be a bummer. Here are six ways to find out more about what could be causing your backache.

  1. Complete blood count.
  2. Routine urine examination.
  3. Ultrasonography of the abdomen and pelvis.
  4. X-ray of the lumbar and sacral region. 5) MRI of the spine.
  5. CT scan of abdomen and pelvic region.
  6. Examination of rectum,prostate,genito urinary organs.

Treatments, How to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain.

Lower back pain might need urgent attention as one can't exactly pinpoint the cause until investigation using any of the 6 different steps to diagnosing back pain above.

lower back pain

We believe an expert should be taking care of this for you however, Here are some suggested treatments of backache.

  1. Removing the cause for backache.
  2. Symptomatic treatement.
  3. Back exercises.
  4. Traction.
  5. Yoga. Benefits of yoga.
  6. Surgery.
  7. Homoeopathy

Another healthy thing to do is to check in with your hip flexors, Here's an amazing guide* for you.

In, Conclusion

If you're feeling some kind of pain in your lower back region...

Now that with the help of this post you've find out what could be causing it and possible ways to treat...

... now might be a good time to visit your physician so the problems can be permanently solved.

Remember according to suggestion number 1 above, the cause of the backache must first be removed before anything else.

We hope that this article has served you well, If yes please leave a comment below and lets keep this conversation going.

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Till next time 🙂

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