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Light Weight Exercise Equipment For Busy People

On this blog we've talked about exercising and how good it is for your body, Fitting exercise into a busy schedule with a demo fitness plan. We've also talked about whether to use equipment or not.

With or without, Both has their strong points.

For busy people who want to keep fit but don't have time to do some outdoor exercise, There are light weight exercise equipment you can carry almost anywhere especially the office.

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​If you’re busy but want to integrate exercise into your daily routine, carrying the treadmill around would give you a serious back injury.

We’re referring to portable tools that you can take with you to the office, keep in the trunk of your car, or pack into your suitcase, Here's a fast list:

  • Elastic bands
  • light dumb bells
  • Jump rope
  • Inflatable Swiss balls (the small ones), Here's everything you need to know about these guys.
  • An exercise video or DVD that you can play in between meetings. (Check out one of our sponsors for this, Gain access to huge library of fitness videos... Start your free trial)
  • Meditation or relaxation music tapes handy.
  • Exercise tubes with handles (to increase muscle strength) and bow tie exerciser (increases upper body strength)

More portable exercise equipment for work:

1. The Ankle Tough Rehab System

The Ankle Tough Rehab System

This is a set of straps made of heavy-duty elastic, and are cut and stitched to make 2 straps that fit over shoes or bare feet.

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Set comes with 4 different resistance straps for light, medium, strong and tough resistance levels.

Comes also with exercise manual.

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2. Flex Bars

flex bar

Heard of flex bars?

A portable exercise gadget that is lightweight. The bars improve grip strength and upper body strength, and allow oscillation movements for neuromuscular...

...and balance training

The Best Flexbars We've Found

3. Weighted Vest

weighted vest

The weighted vest is a gadget to help you add resistance to your workout. Vest is weight-adjustable with each weight packet weighing approximately 0.75 lbs,

...and its one size fits all feature makes it deal for both men and women.

Steel shot packets conform to the body, and weight adjustments range from 0.75 lbs. to 20 lbs.

High Quality Weighted Vest to Buy

In conclusion, These are the best Light Weight Equipment Exercises people with no time can make use of to keep fit however if no equipment workout is what you fancy?

Then check out these 15 no equipment exercise moves to get 6 pack abs fast or stick to our superhero roundup from darabee.


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  • Hello Babs,

    These are really great light weight equipment and they are the perfect match for busy people, like me 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Babs, I will make sure to get one of those, the weight vest especially.