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9 Healthy Sweet Salmon Recipes For All Eaters

In today's episode of Nutritionrealm's healthy food and recipes roundup, We'll be looking at a healthy long list of salmon recipes, Good for you, any occasion and season.

As you may have kno?wn or may not, Salmon contains a healthy amount of omega 3-fatty acid which according to WEBMD is good for you since it contains EPA and DHA, Both has numerous health benefits.

Since it's fall, We had a healthy list of pumpkin recipes... You may like those.

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And if you're just bent on getting some salmon recipes to use for your next meal then you should stay w?ith this post then as we've handpicked 17 of the best, good looking, delicious and...

...above all healthy salmon recipes just for you.


1. Salmon with Red Pepper Pesto

Salmon with Red Pepper Pesto

Lets get started with this red pepper pesto based salmon dish which when started can be ready in no time, Full recipe from

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2. Grilled Salmon w/ Chorizo & Fingerlings

salmon chorizo

A grilled salmon recipe with Spanish Chorizo, Full recipe at

3. Salmon Burgers

salmon burger

This salmon burger delivers a great taste and also can be flavored with Sesame seed if available, Full recipe on

4. Salmon with Maple-Lemon Glaze Recipe

Salmon with Maple-Lemon Glaze

Can be served with roasted potato wedges, Full recipe on

5. Salmon Croquettes

Salmon Croquettes

Get the full recipe on

6. Grilled Salmon and Spinach Salad

Grilled Salmon and Spinach Salad

Salad + Citrus taste + Salmon = Healthy meal. Full recipe on

6. Salmon and Bok Choy

Salmon and Bok Choy

Bok choy and low-sodium soy sauce with salmon makes a great healthy dish. Trying it? Full recipe at

7. Pan-Grilled Salmon w/ Red Pepper Salsa

Pan-Grilled Salmon with Red Pepper Salsa

Get the full recipe from

8. Slow-Roasted Brown Sugar & Dill Cured Salmon

Slow-Roasted Brown Sugar and Dill Cured Salmon

Get the full recipe from

9. Bourbon-Glazed Salmon

Bourbon-Glazed Salmon

Who else thinks this salmon recipe looks cool and delicious, You're right, Get the full recipe from


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