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5 Best Healthy Living, Weight Loss & Fitness Programs to Join

Since there are many weight loss and fitness programs out there, We often get asked this question a lot "What are the best healthy living programs to join?"

Just like we did get numerous questions about the best health and fitness apps in 2016.

Today we're providing you with the answers this particular question​.

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Not only are these fitness programs trusted and results driven, Today we're going to show you the best and cheapest.

Infact most of these guys have a free trial option to help you get started with no obligations

Are you ready?​

Get Started With This 3 Week Yoga Retreat

With this program? Finally, even you can learn to do yoga effectively. Have you always wanted to be better at yoga and reap it's benefits?

This is The Weight Loss Solution That Will Change Your Life

There are many good things that comes with practicing yoga, We've talked about this before remember? 

To recap, here are some of the health benefits of doing Yoga again.

  • Yoga helps you boost sex life
  • Yoga helps improve posture
  • Yoga makes you feel happy.
  • Yoga helps you reduce stress
  • Yoga helps you improve balance
  • Yoga helps you increase your body FLEXIBILITY
  • Yoga reards you with improved strenght
  • And many more benefits.

And incase you're wondering, Will this 3 Week yoga retreat give me all these? The answer is a big fat YES.

Why? Cause you're not going to be doing Yoga as an amateur.​ It doesn't matter what you know about Yoga. This retreat takes you from the scratch.

Here's how the program goes;​


Week One

The first week takes you through the yoga basic fundamentals, introduction as a beginner.


Week Three

All about your progress and yes again, Another expert is assigned to take you on this one.


Week Two

Widens your knowledge of Yoga and provides you with a new instructor.



weekends are not an exception with the 3 week yoga retreat, There's a plan for your Saturday and Sunday.

That's not all you're entitled to when you join the 3 week yoga retreat! You're entitled to a 30 day free trial of the program which provides access to over $6000 worth of result driven workout and fitness plans.

It's completely free to get started.​

See what's included in the plan​

Take Jogging Further By Joining 24 Hour Fitness Runners Workout

Have ​you always wanted to be a better runner? Then here's your chance.

Walking, jogging, running... A much healthy approach to overall health and fitness. This new runners workout program from 24 hour fitness helps you take things up a notch.

This program helps you get the best workout by miles. Here's how the program works.

Take videos training of exercise and workouts like t​his one below and request for a 24 hour fitness club free pass in your location.

Hint: There are over 14 types of this workout videos available for you right off the bat if you do decide to click here to learn more.

Beach Body On Demand

Who else wants to gain access to hundreds of the most result driven workouts online? Did you just say you want in?

Beach body on demand makes this way easy, Click here to try it.

Of all t​he programs listed here, BBOD is perhaps the biggest and the most popular. You get access to learn from world class fitness instructors such as Tony Horton, Charlene Johnson, Autumn Calabrese (Author: The FixAte Cookbook), Shaun T and many others.

Getting started with this program is simple. Simply sign up for the 30-day free trial after which you'll have to pay a measly $2.99 per week to keep the service.​

Remember, when you sign up for beach body on demand, It's not just for the workout videos you'll gain access to in excess.

beach body on demand benefits

In fact you'll be entitled to ​everything else including VIP membership to beachbody fitness club. If you join now, here's what you'll get.

  • 30-day Free trial of the BBOD fitness program.
  • 10% off future purchases of other BBOD products.
  • Customized Meal Plans
  • Your on personal fitness coach and many more benefits.

You'll find more of the benefits and juicy details HERE or...

10 Minute Trainer Workout By Tony Horton

Another wonderful program from the BBOD team, Tony Horton is one of the world's famous fitness instructors, He created the P90x workout program.

His 10 minute workout program is even more genius as it's targeted at mostly busy people.

This program is everything you need to get the body shape you desire without having to put yourself on some crazy diets. With an expert like Tony to put you through, you can't go wrong.​

Check out these moves:​

tony horton workout moves

Tip of the iceberg, what you'll be getting when you decide to try the 10 minute trainer. Already this workout program has created some remarkable results. You'll find the testimonials Here.

For only $39.95 you'll get complete access to the training including free Gifts worth over $80.

Still not sure? This program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. wanna check it out?​

Healthy Eating With The FixAte Cookbook

Who would have thought that you could enjoy the foods you love and still lose weight?

​With Autum Calabrese's FIXATE cookbook, It's very possible.

autumn calabrese

FIXATE is a better approach to losing body weight fast without going through pains. This cookbook contains:

  • Simple, time saving and delicious meals and recipes.
  • Vegetarian, vegan, glunen-free, paleo recipes.
  • Tasty treats and mouthwatering drinks.
  • And many more.

With all that this book has to offer we're still surprised that it's only $19.95

Wrapping Up

These are the best healthy living and fitness programs we'll recommend for now. If there are anymore, we'll update this page and have you notified if you're signed on to our newsletter.

If not, It's here.

We ask that you take your time to check out these healthy living programs to see which one suits you the most.

Thanks for staying with Nutritionrealm.

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