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Healthy Living Checklist: 11 Point Checklist For Living a Healthier & Better Life

So you must’ve been living life for quite a while now, Years to be precise. Sounds like fun eh?

Chances are that you’ve fallen sick once or twice too and comparing healthy living and sick living, How each makes you feel… You prefer the first option.

Which is Living a Healthier & Better Life

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It’s a good choice.

Why i said that? Living a Healthier & Better Life assures you of that peace of mind from within and helps you find that joy to keep going.

Life may be frustrating at times,

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Sad events, Uncontrollable ones (Natural disasters, Losing of loved ones or being deprived of living with your whole systems intact this time not due to unhealthy disease contraction but due to the people around you.

….then on and on.

But one thing is sure! You can control from within everything that goes on’ on the outside from the inside. Here’s a 11 Point checklist for living a healthy and better life. It’s called healthy living. Chances are you’re itching to see them, No problem. Lets get to it.

11 Point Checklist For Living a Healthier & Better Life

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#1 – Get a Positive Attitude About Life And Living


How’s your mindset? How do you live? Are you often or most of the times depressed?

As if that’s not enough do you back out of things before you even try?

One of the best ways to get through life is to develop a positive attitude about life and how you live in it.

How do you think the healthiest people or should i say the people who are healthily challenged all through their life got over it and still be successful?

…You are what you are and honestly speaking nobody! I mean there’s nothing anybody can do to change that.

When you get the mindset about what’s going on about you right everything else will eventually fall in to place.

It’s quite bad there are no great examples here but I’m one myself. Staying positive and thinking effectively has kept me going till now.

You should try it to maybe not to your healthy diets alone but to all aspects of your life.

Developing a positive attitude about life and living will certainly help you.

#2 – An Open Mind to New & Nurturing Things

Are you open to trying out new stuff? At least to see if it can work for you despite the fact that it works for somebody else?

Or you just prefer to stay hanged on to your normal (boring) previous activities.

…More of like staying in the dark.healthy living

As number one has said “Developing a positive attitude to everything might take time but once you’re able to do that it’s time to move on to the next step.

Opening up to life may be a little bit hard for someone who’s challenged, Especially someone who’s not good at this but believe me.. You gotta be open about this and …

…Try new stuff out.

One thing to keep in mind is there’s no harm in trying. Who knows? It might turn out to be your favorite.

Meet people and share with them. Assume things will work out and keep good faith.

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Smile always, Not only does it make you look younger! It’s one step further in living a healthier and better life.

#3 – Less or No Negative Reactions And More Control of Emotions

Are you the type that breaks down easily? Say after failure or rejection… Do you need to be reminded of how many times Abraham Lincoln failed before he accomplished all that he did?

Or better still how do you react to things when they don’t turn out the way you expected?

Have you forgotten that not all things turn out the way we expected? We just have to keep good faith and stay positive like the second healthy living checklist above?

living healthy

Keeping a good and open mind gives way for many things, one of such is reducing negative thinking down to a percent that’s great enough to help you control your emotions.

…It matters.

If you want to live an healthier and better life, You have to make it happen by taking more control of your emotions.

Don’t act unwisely or breakdown perhaps feel bad immaturely due to things that are not even your fault.

Remember, Living healthily is a choice. Only those who make it get to enjoy the peace that comes packaged with it.

Stay in control of your emotions today and keep the negative thinking away for good.

#4 – Enjoy General Benefits From Some Physical Activity Such As Increased Energy, Better Muscle Tone, Improved Metabolism and Greater Flexibility.

Whoa! That sounds like a lot. Do you have any idea… Maybe the slightest about how all these could help you?

…Such fantastic words.

Looking at it in all ways, It’s True! I mean… It’s the only place your spirit and soul lives.

These control like every of your activities. How you keep an open mind, The kind of emotions you’re letting off (How brilliantly you can have it under control and many more).

Having better muscle tone will not just make you enjoy a healthier life but a better one as well as you’ll be considered a well to-do one among your peers once your appearance is something to write/commend about.

It’s time to man up and take control of your body and how you treat it. Improved metabolism helps to make the body feel free and lighter all the time such that living no longer becomes a burden.

…It’s a thing of joy.

How often do you exercise? That will tell.

It’s never easy. Nothing is actually. We telling you that it’s easy just makes us one of those lying pricks.

Try indulging in more physical activities. Taking an early morning walk, Taking water just minutes after waking up, taking better food and picking up a healthy living choice other than not giving a damn and …

…You’ll see everything working out.

Eventually, And if it’s not! Don’t worry! You just have to keep trying, keep digging until you find that happiness within. Wish you luck.

#5 – More Productive & Effective In Personal And Professional Activities

Bump! The benefits of living healthy starts paying off. Keeping yourself in check.

…Before you know it.. You start being productive and effective in all areas of your life. Living a healthier and better life is by choice. I have said that earlier.

It’s for those that wants to fight… You could keep living like a creep or rise above mediocrity.

The choice is yours to make…

More productivity and effectiveness are one of the many rewards of living a better and healthier life. If you don’t start being more productive now! When will you be?

#6 – Additional Years of Living a Healthier & Quality Life

Chances are that you don’t wanna spend the rest of the little life you have to live in bad health… I don’t.. Do you?

Let me explain like Kevin Hart would say… If you have 60 More years to live… Living it healthier and better is good… Living it worse is just your choice. A bad choice.

Here’s what comes of living it better. Additional years of happiness and laughter.


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#7 – Reduced Risks of Chronic Illness

As a human being, One thing I’m really scared of is falling ill. Loosing my good ‘ol strength to one common illness talk more of a chronic one.

…The thoughts make me shiver with fear! What is this?

That’s why i Choose to live healthy. It’s a no brainier that when you live healthy… You have reduced risks of falling sick or losing yourself to one bacteria that developed into a virus and on and on.

I seem to have mentioned this earlier… But the best descision you can ever take instead of living a reckless life and not caring about anything is to embrace healthiness, A positive mind to be better at anything you do.

That’s it… To cut the long story short! You live a healthier and better life… You reduce the risks of contracting a chronic illness.

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#8 – Aspirations to Achieve More in All Areas of Your Life

Not only does productivity and effectiveness comes in to be your thing! Along side the reduced risks of contracting chronic illness but the aspirations to achieve more in all areas of your life.

Have you ever felt it? Like I wanna do more… How can I be better at this? How can  learn more about this?

…Have had that feeling and I don’t see it living me anytime soon.

You see the aspirations comes from living a fulfilling life… A healthier one! You see you only get these things when you’re in full health, I’m talking about a 100% Whole.

It’s my life I’ll do whatever I want to… Yeah! But think about it! My Dad would always say.. Start something with the end in mind. Visualize the outcome of your decision. Looks bad? Best not take it.

I hope you get these aspirations too as you chose a better life for yourself.

#9 – Reduced Occurrence of Bone Loss Associated With Aging

Any time old bone is broken down faster than new bone is made, net bone loss occurs. Bone loss can lead to low bone density (osteopenia), weakness of the bone, and eventually osteoporosis. Osteoporosis (or porous bone) is a disease in which bones become weak and fragile. Porous bones are more likely to break. (Source)

This can’t apply to you.. No No!

Why? You’re a frigging super healthy person who cares about his/her health.

That’s all…. Bone loss can be something terrible. One terrible experience but thanks to our earlier decisions we have a shot at shaking this occurrence off.

#10 – Improved Mood and Self-Esteem

Yo! Cos I’m happy… (Singing)

healthy living checklinst

Very similar to the above mentioned healthy living checklists, Improved mood and self esteem comes with the package and I’m happy you’ve got it..

Not only do you experience these but now you have time to do almost all things along with the prolonged life you’ve got from living a healthy and better life.

This will improve your mood and self esteem drastically.

#11 – Better Functioning of all Body Systems

By now you should’ve already gotten a hang of it as we’re at the final checklist for living a healthier and better life. How wonderful.

The benefits are numerous.. But by far the greatest one is having all parts of your body working effectively as they should. No misbehavior and the likes.

… By now your happiness in living life should know no bounds.

Why? Cause you’ve had a shot at taking the best decision to live better and you took it. “Claps” You’re a Champ. Congratulations..


Living a healthier and better life isn’t by chance, or coincidence or by luck… Rather it is by the decision you make for yourself today. I’ll assume there are friends, Peer pressure.. Succumbing is not the best way to go.

Remember only those who decide will follow these checklists and enjoy the benefits listed amongst and those omitted.

A word they say is enough for the wise… I’ll end this long article here. Got questions? Please do not hesitate to ask or tell me what you think using the comment form below.

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