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A Healthy Lifestyle Daily Checklist That Just Does It

Looking for a healthy lifestyle daily checklist to follow so as to promote good health? You've come to the right place.

It’s no secret that a healthy lifestyle has its many benefits for everyone. Creating a positive mental state, making healthy food choices, and partaking in regular physical activity are all major factors to your overall well-being.​

​Nurturing your spirit, mind and body should be on your top list of priorities.

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As you follow these simple rules, You'll discover that a healthier you is way better than an average you.

Lets jump right in, But first... The healthy lifestyle daily checklist in summary...

A Healthy Lifestyle Daily Checklist That Just Does It

1. Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Taking a healthy breakfast that makes your body happier not only sets you on the right part for the day.

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According to Taking the right breakfast that contains all the proper nutrients and minerals accounts for Improved concentration and performance either in school or at work.

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2. Eat Clean (Healthy) Throughout The Day

No need for sinful snacking...

Bad foods with ingredients white sugar or excess oils that stops your body from detoxing naturally.

Instead focus on eating good food through out the day, This does not only apply to breakfast. According to eating healthy foods with tons of vegetable and fruits can protect you against certain types of Cancer.

Eating other foods that contains fiber also helps in your weight management goals and in general helps cleanse your body.

clean eating rules for 2017

Use the simple clean eating rules above as a guide for your healthy eating daily checklist and note that your goal as well should be to take everything you eat with at least a fruit or vegetable.

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3. Drink Enough Water

You need to stay hydrated to have a great day.

Your body needs water to run effectively, Water's also mostly part of what your body needs to flush toxins out, It's recommended to add drinking enough water to your daily healthy lifestyle checklist.

This brings us to the main question, How much water should I take daily?

The European Food Safety Authority recommends that women should drink about 1.6 liters of fluid and men should drink about 2.0 liters of fluid per day. That's about eight glasses of 200ml each for a woman, and 10 glasses of 200ml each for a man (Source).

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4. Smile Always

Not just once, not twice... But through every moments of your day.

smile Healthy Lifestyle Daily Checklist

Smiling often they say makes you look younger. It also is a way to relieve stress and make you feel better about a lot of things.

When bad mood sets in, Smiling is an effective remedy, Make sure to laugh and smile everyday. It affects your spirit, mind and body in many good ways. Here's 7 benefits of laughing and smiling often from

5. Include Workout & Stretching In Your Day

No good daily healthy lifestyle checklist should leave this out.

Exercising, working out, stretching has many immense benefits to your day and overall wellness. It doesn't matter how tight your schedule is, You should spare some minutes of your day to do some exercise or stretching.

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Even if 10 minutes, Our guide to fitting exercise into your busy schedule has a plan for you, You may as well try our spell your name workout challenge if you have more time.

Stretching before, after or without workout according to Sparkpeople helps you reduce the tension within your muscles, Improve blood flow and circulation e.t.c.

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6. Positive Thoughts ONLY

For a better day and healthy mindset. This infographic from takes you through everything you need to know on this one.

7. Rest Properly & Make Sure to Get atleast 8 Hours of Sleep

Last but not least on our healthy lifestyle daily checklist for you today is to make sure to get enough rest within your day and get up to the recommended hours of sleep.

Exercise and Getting Better Sleep

Eight hours. says sleeping will make you feel better, That's a no brainier.. One of the best ways to solve many problems on your mind is to sleep on it. It's good for your eyes, heart, weight e.t.c

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We implore than you follow this healthy checklist for a awesomer day 🙂


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