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Top 10 Healthy High Calorie Foods For When You Need More

Advised to start eating foods high in calories?

Looking to put on some decent amount of weight without disrupting your healthy lifestyle? This top ten list of healthy high calorie foods is all you need.

Previously we've learned that to lose weight especially fast you'll need to consume not only healthy foods but foods that are also low in calories as they're considered as Superfoods thus provide much health benefits.

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Foods with much calories on the other hand? Not so much.

​Although research has shown that the average woman needs to consume about 1700 - 2000 calories a day to maintain weight and less than 1510 to lose wight.

Eitherways foods that are high in calories are labelled the BAD GUYS.


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...but in some cases have their own benefits.

However the case may be, if the need to consume more high calorie foods comes to light, this article would provide you with the top and healthiest list.

1. Olive Oil - 884 Calories Per 100gm

You may refer to olive oil as the king of high calorie foods in the healthy fat and oil section. Olive oil is made up of mostly polyunsaturated fats and just a tbsp can supply up to 120 calories.

Yep you read right.

However it does a great deal for the body when it comes to it's anti-inflammatory properties and it's job in reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Another health benefit of olive oil is the fact that it aids your bones.

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2. Chocolate - 535 Calories Per 100gm

Especially dark chocolates.

They are very high in calories and possesses some healthy advantages such as it's anti-oxidant functions. It is also mentioned in our list of mood boosting foods as one of the best and go to snack option to calm your nerves and elevate your mood.

However this food like every other food that are high in calories are advised to be taken in a moderate manner.

3. Lattes

You may or may not know that the average starbucks latte cup is about 180 calories.

What? Lattes are very high in calories since they're filled with so much whole milk and sugars.

For weight watchers and people looking to lose weight fast this might not be the best option to consume at all, Instead can be taken once in a while as a treat.

Looking to get a quick dose of those extra cal and some energy boosting material at the same time? This is an option.

4. Bacon - 548 Calories Per 100mg

Love bacon? That's how much calorie you consume each time you consume up to 100mg of bacon = 548 calories, that's almost half of what you need to eat per day to main your current weight, Ladies.

Consuming more bacon = more calories.

It is high in Polyunsaturated and saturated fat.

They're a healthy source of protein, Contribute to the amount of vitamin B-12 your body gets and according to Wikipedia, they're a fine source of sodium and potassium for your body.

5. Cereal, Protein Bars - 250-300 Calories

And for when you're craving some healthy snacks, You should consider cereal or protein bars but like every other healthy food on this list, they're super high in calories.

protein cereal bars

Just as they're high in sugar and multiple fats used to season them up, they're also a good source of essential vitamins and minerals, Protein especially.

Ofcourse they're more healthy alternatives with less calories to consume like naturally flavored bars.

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6. Mangoes

Did you know that a medium sized mango contains up to a whooping 130 calories, Now consuming up to 3 medium sized mangoes would supply you (130x3=390 Calories)

vegetables banner

So much for a healthy fruit with so much nutritional benefits. They're high in fiber and amazing sources of vitamin A, B6 & C.

Mangoes help in regulating blood flow in the body and also good for your cardiovascular health.

7. Whole Grain Bread

Also called wheat bread. A slice of this particular bread delivers up to 78 calories.

How many slices can you take in at a go? Six maybe seven? Wheat breads are high in calories yes but they also provide numerous benefits to the body since they're rich in Fiber, Vitamin B & E.

7. Whole Grain Bread

It's a safe bread consumption option for folks with type 2 diabetes and does a fraction in helping the digestive functions in the body.

8. Mayonnaise

Very high in calories. A tbsp of mayonnaise delivers up to 150 calories, that's a lot.

Yep, that's why it's earned it's place in this list of healthy high calorie foods. Mayonnaise is high in both fats (Animal and vegetable) This makes it unsafe for frequent consumption.

It is also associated with the next food on our list.


9. Salads, Salad Dressings - 387 Calories Per 100mg

Sure there maybe some healthy salad recipes but most of them are usually high in calories even super high sometimes due to the excessive creamy dressing that most times consists of Mayonnaise and others.

You may feel they're plant based hence provide very low calories, you're wrong.

Sometimes they're spiced, made, dressed with beef, pork and other calorie reeking foods, This doesn't mean they're unhealthy... Minimal consumption or avoiding oily, too much dressing is a good way to go.

10. Avocados

They may have metabolism boosting functions, ridiculoulsy healthy and good for weight loss, even you but they're extremely high in calories.


Much consumption and you could be putting on so much weight. A medium avocado delivers up to 164 calories. However they're very good for your skin and provides your body with the needed vitamins like E & C.

But just like olives, they're high in polyunsaturated fats and can make you fat.

Just like every other high calorie food on this list, they're to be consumed minimally by mostly weight watchers.

There are more foods you can eat with high calories, Some include foods like Fruit juices, popcorns, hummus, peanut butters, salmon, beef and so on.

Happy healthy eating.


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