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Halloween Snack Ideas: 7 Healthy Recipes You’ll ♥ For Real

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Halloween is almost here... You know? That fun and spooky time of the year/holiday, It's always one to remember.

We thought about it and yes since we're stepping up our food and recipes game, adding quality foods from top bloggers, we're also adding a halloween version to the mix.

Pretty sweet eh? In this post you'll find seven simple halloween snack ideas that you can make. They're good looking and ofcourse, HEALTHY.

Lets begin 🙂

Candy Corn Fruit Cup


We're just beginning... Grab the full recipe @

Lantern Fruit Bowl

fruit bol

Okay so since you're taking so many fruits this Halloween anyways, Grab this recipe HERE.

Pretzel & Cheese Witch Broomsticks

cheese sticks halloween

Remember that scary but awesome movie. Hansel and Gretel: Witch hunter, This one takes us on a trip down memory lane. Grab the full recipe on

Frankenstein Veggie Platter


Get the full recipe Here.

Monster Apple Bites

apple bites

Okay, these look scary. Wanna try? Full recipe on

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Boo-nana Pops

banana pops

Hmmm... Ghosty.. Get the full recipe from

Tangerine Pumpkins


Ah, finally.. Some pumpkins.. Sounds more like Halloween. Get the full recipe Here.

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