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Go From 0-200 Squats With This 30 Day Squat Challenge

We've been talking about squats and building a bigger butt slash carving a strong and firm booty here on nutritionrealm lately.

It all started with this simple guide on how to  squat properly, A very important guide everyone should see, Getting the wrong posture will only result in poor or no results.

In our guide to getting the best body shape which has been shared over 40,000 times... we also added a visual graphic on how to correct your squat position then this post on different squat variations from Greatist.

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In the same manner we also launched our own build your better butt challenge but it didn't take off as we wished... Then we decided to take a look at the best butt strengthening moves for runners.


In there, we discovered that a strong and firm butt makes a healthy and happy runner.

Then the latest we've added is the 5 most crucial exercises to push your butt out.. This guide raked in over 4000 views in the first three days after publishing it.

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Now we're launching this 30-day squat challenge to help you get on your squatting feet ASAP.

Let us help you achieve your butt goals faster than you can ever imagine. With the help of this challenge, you'll be on your squatting feet in no time.

200 Squats is a lot. Lets get to it.

Getting Into The Challenge

You may not know it yet but the moment you landed on this page you're already taking the squat challenge.

So it's actually easy and here are the few things to note:

  1. We've designed this challenge in a way that it's good for you. If you've not yet perfected your squatting form then you should see the guides above.
  2. Challenge details are embedded in a single graphic you can either save to Pinterest, save to your laptop or even print and paste on your fridge.
  3. Take advantage of the break days to rest and eat healthy.
  4. Try as much as possible to stick to the schedule for the best results.
  5. And finally at the end of the 30 days, make sure to pat yourself on the back but that's only if you really completed the squat challenge.

The 30-Day Squat Challenge

squat challenge

Taking on this will do you a lot of good. Remember, bigger butt, firm butt... A chance to finally nail it with your backside, a boost in your running career and more,

Don't miss or joke around with this, There are only four rest days where you don't have to do anything. As mentioned earlier, use it well.

Ready to take on this challenge?

Feel free to write alicia at we'd like to follow your progress.

To an amazing you 🙂


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