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Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) For Weight Loss Explained

If you have been in the weight loss game for a very long time and have been following every trend that comes to life about a working diet plan or supplement or anything at all then you must've heard about the Garcinia Cambogia fruit or should I say supplement.

​This one gained a lot of momentum when it was first discovered!

As it has been heavily rumored that it works, so also has many others said it doesn't work, it comes packaged with huge side effects. While some might be true, Some are entirely not tr​ue.

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Which is why we've written this article​. It's not that long it simply explains what Garcinia cambogia is, the uses, side effects even how to get a free bottle of the product just for trial and other information you need to know.

All from credible sources and research.​

With all that said and explained... Start digging right into the good and bad stuff already?​

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

According to Wikipedia, Garcinia gummi-gutta is a tropical species of Garcinia native to Indonesia. Common names include garcinia cambogia, as well as brindleberry, Malabar tamarind, and kudam puli.

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The fruit is a pumpkin shaped small topical fruit very similar to orange, lemon and it's mate when it comes to the taste.

In case you were wondering how it looks like, Here's a picture of the fruit.

​Just as this fruit is very similar to those mentioned above, a similar yet effective citric acid was found and it's popularly known as hydroxycitric acid (HCA) Which once or could continue proving itself as a worthy weight loss supplement.

More On Garcinia Cambogia

With all that said, here's what first happened when this fruit and the HCA in it was first discovered in the early 90's.​

Ever since it has gotten a lot of traction, Even the famous Dr. Oz once promoted Garcinia cambogia extract as one of the reliable weight loss supplement once could use to combat weight gain and body fat accumulation.

Ever since various research has went off. The earlier ones that took place was first tested with rats and guess what the rats showed positive changes when given the garcinia cambogia extract and seem to lose some weight.

That sounds like humans can take it to. Speaking of what the fruit can do...​

Here's What the Garcinia Cambogia Does

Since research were made, there have been many many conclusions and we'll take a closer look at them just now.

The HCA in the Garcinia Cambogia fruit blocks a portion of an enzyme called citrate lyase, which helps turn sugars and starches into fat. What does this mean? Once that enzyme is blocked the carbohydrate that are supposed to be accumulated in the body then turns to an energy releasing monster.

No extra fat for the body, Just more energy.​

Various research also suggest that the HCA helps suppress appetite, maybe not as effective as diet pills but to an extent? It does.

In a recent study of the obese, It was found out that people who use this as a weight loss supplement lose 2 pounds than those who didn't.

With all that said, You can see Garcinia cambogia is making it's way to stardom for being able to handle these 2 critical factors for effective weight loss well.

It was until​ further research we're made which leads to the harmful / bad side effects of using the Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Now this is where it gets real scary! The research that proves the Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss came and reigned. There are also research made on the side effects of using this as a weight loss supplement.

garcinia cambogia for weight loss explained

Note that apart from mentioning these horrible side effects of the Garcinia cambogia select for weight loss others have complained that it doesn't even work at all.

Maybe that's somewhat true but we can bet they haven't used it well... Which is why immediatly after this section we'll have here the right way to use Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss for weight loss as researched and proved effective by Dr. Preuss​

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

If you have any of the below conditions, You might want to stay away as Garcinia cambogia reacts badly with these listed below:

    • ron for Anaemia
    • Pain Medicines
    • Prescriptions for psychiatric conditions
    • Drugs that lower cholesterol
    • Asthma and allergy medicines such as Accolate and Singulair
    • Diabetes medicines, including pills and insulin

Make no mistake, Pregnant women are advised not to use use it even when nursing baby. Instead see our guide to Protein for women.

Garcinia is also not great for folks with liver problem 🙁

How to Really Use Garcinia Cambogia & Make It Work For You!

As mentioned earlier a couple of people who use Garcinia Cambogia wrongly either complained that it's not working or reported side effects.

Dr Preuss with the alliance for health in 2013 released a book titled "Garcinia Cambogia: How to Optimize its Effects​ where he recommended the best ways to take Garcinia cambogia and optimize it's many benefits.

  1. Choose a preparation that is at a minimum 50 percent HCA and is not composed wholly of calcium salts: Make sure potassium (K) and/or magnesium (Mg) is present. If the product has a low lactone content, that is even better.​
  2. Be sure to take an adequate dose. For a Ca/K preparation used successfully and reported in a peer-reviewed publication, the dose of extract was near 1.5 g, three times per day before meals. In this 60 percent HCA preparation, that approximates 0.9 g of HCA prior to each meal.
  3. Take the preparation on an empty stomach, i.e., 30-60 minutes before each meal.
  4. Remember, "If you don't comply, don't complain." Take the right dose at the right time.​

Genius isn't it... Take the Garcinia supplement exactly as Preuss recommends. Remember not more than 1.5g a day... Almost that amount... and on empty stomach sounds better cause that gives HCA the chance it needs to work it's magic.

Are we clea​r with all that now?

Just one more thing to look at and we'll be done for this article. Can you guess what it is?​

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When it comes to losing weight fast... Alot of things comes to mind.. Including physical activities to help you get fit, exercises and workouts, diets and supplements and many others.

The Garcinia cambogia has proven itself worthy of mentioning when it comes to losing weight fast.

​Give the supplement a trial today and make sure you follow Dr. Preuss description and you'll smile when the results starts rolling in.

Hope you've enjoyed this article, If yes then it's only fair that you share it with your friends :)See you some other time,




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