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25 Foods Under 100 Calories to Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight isn't hard, It's not rocket science so you don't have to go crazy with diets. However you have to be mindful about the things you eat,

There are some foods that when consumed gets in the way of your weight loss progress and there are some that speed up your metabolism, burns body fat even boost your mood.

Eating right is one of the keys to successfully losing weight.

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After exercises, Eating foods with less calories will help you achieve that because the lesser the calories, the better chances your body get for burning fat fast.

Here's the simple visual list of the foods under 100 calories we're discussing here today in this post.

These are healthy foods you should consume for weight loss and optimal health condition, The list:

1. 45 grilled salmon (99 cal)
2. 12g of dark chocolate (95 cal)
3. 1 glass of white or red wine (95 cal)
4. 9 Kalamata Olives (95 cal)
5. 2 Medium kiwi fruits (95 cal)
6. 1 cup of lemon vodka (95 cal)
7. 10 baked tortilla chips (90 cal)
8. 2 cups watermelon tea
9. 13 almonds (90 cal)
10. 1 cup blackberries (85 cal)
11. 25 unsalted peanuts (85 cal)
12. 1 cup of canned pumpkin (85 cal)
13. 1/2 large roast potato (85 cal)
14/ 1/3 cup of cooked quinoa (85 cal)
15. 3 tbsp of unsalted nuts (80 cal)
16. 2 tbsp of flaxx seed oil (80 cal)
17. 3 tbsp hummus (80 cal)
18. 1 large boilded egg (70-80 cal)
19.  2 medium figs (75 cal)
20. 3 tbsp cranberry sauce (75 cal)
21. 1 cup of tomato sauce (70 cal)
22. 1 cup of red raspberries (65 cal)
23. 1 biscuit of oatmeal (65 cal)
24. 1/3 cup of green beans (65 cal)
25.  1/2 cup of beetroot (37 cal)

Whilst these are more of foods, Here you'll find 75 yummy clean eating snacks, All under 100 calories as well. They're good for you.

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In addition to this post, we also dug out 25 more clean eating snacks under 125 calories from for you. They include foods like:

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