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Eye Nutrition: Foods That Keep Important Parts Of The Eyes Going

Where I come from, My people will say the eyes is the light of the body.

It's true sort of, The eyes is a very vital part of your body. It illuminates your world and just like every other important part of your body, It is prone to illness when proper care is not taken.

In today's post about eye nutrition (the infographic from blog).

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We're going to look at the most important parts of the eyes, Conditions that affect them, vitamins and minerals needed to keep them up and running...

... and ofcourse, Foods that supply you a healthy dose of those supplements.

Let get started with the infographic first so you quickly catch a glimpse of this post.

The infographic above summaries everything we ought to discuss today but nonetheless lets look at a few things.

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​The eye is a very fragile part of the body, Most of the foods mentioned above are all we consume in our everyday meal one way or the other.

Provided you're eating healthy.

The most common foods in this list are:

  • Salmon​, Considered an energy boosting food in this post). Grab a list of 9 healthy salmon recipes.
  • Sweet Potatoes, Here's 11 sweet potato recipes we shared not too long ago.
  • Spinach
  • Eggs

Most of the consumables are made up of proteins too.

Some of the most important parts of the eye Cornea, Optic nerve should also be taken care of.

Don't forget that it's also vital to check in with your oculist from time to time for proper eye health and wellness, It's very important.

Stay and remain healthy.

The nutritionrealm team wishes you the best.

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