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9 Easter Food Recipe Ideas You’ll Love

Easter's around the corner and just like every other peaceful, beautiful holiday, time to whip up some amazing things to cook, eat and serve your guest with.

You'll not only discover amazing recipes you'll love but the ones your guest will also thank you for when you bring them up onto the table. From mashed potato recipes to rolls to some family dessert.

Unless you're making Lasagna this easter, This is the ultimate easter food recipe ideas post you'll ever need.

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Ready to see the Recipes?

1. Gluten-Free Paleo Leg of Lamb

Gluten-Free Paleo Leg of Lamb

Paleo friendly, gluten FREE. How awesome is that? Get the full recipe:

2. Sausage, Cheese, and Potato Egg Casserole

Sausage, Cheese, and Potato Egg Casserole

This looks amazing. Get the full recipe:

3. Gluten-Free Carrot Cake

Gluten-Free Carrot Cake

Keyword "GLUTEN-FREE". Get the full recipe:

4. Sweet Potato Salad

Sweet Potato Salad

Get the full recipe:

5. Vegan Deviled Eggs

Vegan Deviled Eggs

These are nothing but healthy ideas, Get the full recipe:

6. Vegan Easter Bunny Dinner Breadsticks

Vegan Easter Bunny Dinner Breadsticks

Get the full recipe:

7. Raw Vegan Carrot Cake

Raw Vegan Carrot Cake

For a healthy dessert. Get the full recipe:

8. Vegan Brown Rice Crispy Treats

Vegan Brown Rice Crispy Treats

Get the full recipe:

9. Mint Chimichurri Lamb Chops

Mint Chimichurri Lamb Chops

Ever had one with mint before? It's lovely. Get the full recipe:

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