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5 Popular Celebrity Fitness Trends That Are Actually Healthy

Every now and again a new fitness craze hits us, which usually has something to do with a special workout or diet.

The most popular ones always seem to be helped along due to an endorsement by a celebrity. Some of these workouts and diets should definitely be avoided

... but sometimes they're actually good for our health.

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If you follow them you will see results like everyone else who incorporates them into their life, though you might have a slow start.

Let's look at some of the popular dieting and fitness trends at the moment.

1. DDP Yoga

ddp yoga

20 years ago, if you’d ask any football player or MMA fighter whether they’ve taken part in yoga they would have laughed at you.

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Nowadays, DDP Yoga is becoming hugely popular with athletes and the average people on the street. This is probably due to the fact it was developed by Diamond Dallas Page, a former professional wrestler who needed a way to overcome injuries so he wouldn't end up in a wheelchair.

It helps men to heal and condition their bodies using yoga without being embarrassed.

2. Ballet Classes

Ballet was meant to be a passing trend last year, but now it looks like it's going to stay around for a while.

ballet classes fitness

The number one reason why ordinary people are turning to the strenuous workouts is because a lot of Victoria's Secret models attributing their fitness to it.

It's also offered in a lot of gyms, which means you won’t have to join a ballet school in order to exercise.

You'll be able to walk away with a firmer body. Ballet is also great at developing your motoric skills and it's superb for cardiovascular endurance.

3. Ketogenic Diet

The paleo diet has been popular over the years, but now people are cutting carbs even further and turning to the ketogenic diet. It involves dropping your carbs so low the body starts using ketones instead of glucose for energy.

ketogenic diet tips

If LeBron James can succeed on the diet, it has to work. Plus, we know it's possible to eat lots of protein without suffering any negative consequences.

One of the biggest benefits of this diet is its ability to fight cancer, because the disease feeds on sugar but not ketones.

4. Mixed Martial Arts

Everyone used to love Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris when they were growing up, so they would take part in martial arts classes.

This trend soon died down, but MMA has been going through a resurrection in recent years. It's gone a lot more popular after the UFC was sold for $4 billion.

There’s no surprise that guys want to follow in the footsteps of their favorite fighters, but it's also becoming huge with women because of celebrities like Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm.

mixed martial arts

Now instead of lifting weights a lot of people are spending time training like fighters, which is great for things like joint health and mobility.

5. Precooked Meal Delivery

When you think about the food you would normally have delivered to your home, it’s not exactly healthy.

That's now changed thanks to some help from celebrities like Olivia Munn and Sofia Vergara. People are actually having precooked meals delivered to their home in large numbers.

The great thing about all these companies delivering the meals and their major selling point is that each meal is prepared for an individual based on the goal they're trying to achieve.

So if your goal is to lose weight, the food will contain the exact number of calories you should eat in order to achieve it.

In Conclusion​

There are some celeb fads capable of making you question the sanity of the human race.

Luckily, once you've applied a little common sense, it's easy to see when a workout or diet should be avoided. Dieting trends are actually quite helpful in their own ways, and you'll benefit from them as long as you don't take things to the extreme.

If any of those seems interesting you should try it out, because you never know if you'll like something enough to let it become a part of your life unless you give it a chance.


This post is written by Heather Green. A stay at home mother of two with a passion for healthy lifestyle and published by


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