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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Begin Bodybuilding

Body building, especially the muscle sculpting aspect of it is a serious thing and its definitely not what you want to dab into anyhow.

You need to have what it takes, the discipline. The will power.

​Discipline is simply having the will power to continue with what you are doing. Do you think you have the discipline to keep on? Assess yourself.

​Assess your past records. Have you been quitting on things because you later found them tiring or boring? How often do you quit on things? How many things have you managed to keep on doing until this very day?

Here's the list of questions:

  • Do you enjoy and keep up hobbies?
  • Are you consistent with daily routines?
  • Are you a doer, and not just a believer?
  • Would you rather do something useful other than watch TV for hours?
  • Do you wake up and go to bed early daily?
  • Do you live a vice-free life?
  • Do you do your duties conscientiously, and not just when you’re ordered?
  • When you decide on doing something, do you always feel excited doing it until the very end?
  • Are you usually serious about the things you do?
  • Do you stay focused everyday on what you what to accomplish?

You must have at least seven out of the ten above to be true in your life.

Otherwise, think thrice before you decide to launch out into the deep waters of bodybuilding.

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