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Best Supplements For Runners: The Ultimate Guide

If you're looking for the best supplements for runners then you've come to the right place as this ultimate guide is all you need.

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... Moving on and​ talking about why you're here which is to find the best supplements for runners, We have the best for you! Here you'll find them all in one place.

Why they're good and where you can buy a few of them​ without breaking a sweat!

Lets quickly tackle a question:

What are Supplements & Why Are They Needed?

Cambridge English dictionary defines supplements as "Something that is added to something else in order to improve it or complete it; something extra". From that definition already, Two things come to mind!

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best supplement for runners
  1. S​upplements Enhances Performance
  2. If It Enhances performance then it should help runners do better.

Correct? Yeah.

A number of sports are known to push the body farther than it can work... Weight lifting, Gymnastics, swimming​ even running.

These kind of sports are known as Endurance sports which Wikipedia defines as:​

Endurance sports are a subset of sports in which the goal is prolonged athletic output over an extended distance or for an extended period of time. They are very aerobic by nature.

That not only tells us that this kind of sport requires more time to pull of, It also tells us they happen to appear as almost no ordinary. It's prolonged.

Athletes who perform these kind of sport activities are called Endurance Athletes.

In our first article about endurance supplements where we debunked a couple of myths and gave out a few examples, We spelled out that such athletes need these supplements to enhance and help them stay on top of their games.

This doesn't exclude runners.

...Runners need supplements and just right below we'll see the best ones to opt-in for.​

Getting Started!

Now that we've read what endurance supplements are and why it's good for athletes, You might be thinking, "Oh.. This is a good feat, Let me see them".

Right, which is why we've created this section to help you get started with a few things you need to know first.​

runners supplement guide

Things like you shouldn't rely on Endurance supplements alone to enhance your performance, Nutrition is still very vital. Eating right, Resting right, Doing medical things the right way is of great importance.

Eating good food has it's own benefits, Having a perfect diet plan also.

If this is your first time taking supplements, Then you want to make sure that taking these supplements won't have awful side effects later you might want to get in touch with your Doctor.

If all these have been checked, Then it's time to get to the meat of this article which is:

What are The Best Supplements For Runners?

(Afterall that is why you're here)

1. Calcium tells us Calcium is a mineral. Our bodies contain more calcium than any other mineral. As much as 99 percent of the calcium in our bodies is stored in our teeth and bones, although it is also present in our blood, muscle, and the fluid between body cells.

...Calcium is essential for building and maintaining our bones.

We have to have enough calcium at all times to ensure that our bones have adequate structure, says Tallmadge.

Calcium is also necessary for the contraction and expansion of muscles and blood vessels, the secretion of hormones and enzymes, and nerve impulse transmission throughout the nervous system (Source).

runners guide to using supplements

While Calcium is very important to the body, for athletes, as supplement for runners Vitamin D is also crucial as a recent study concluded that over 70% of runners have Vitamin D deficiency.

Know what Vitamin D does? It helps the body absorb more calcium for use. ​Having seen this, We now know that Calcium is important for the body and so is Vitamin D which also means taking supplements with such vitamin.

A few Questions you may have in mind?

How much Calcium should I take? If you have such in mind, That's a good question! There are various studies and research out there about how much calcium you should take.

Neutrally, As ordinarily, Categorized by age, EverydayHealth suggests that:

how much calcium does your body really need?

Worry not, They all contain vitamin D3... You're in good hands..

This should end it here for Calcium.. We still have a few others to look at quickly. This takes us to the next best supplement for runners.​

2. Whey Protein

Are you surprised to find the very famous and all popular whey protein supplement on the list of recommended supplements for runners?

If you've been in​ this game for long then it shouldn't surprise you, Albeit! Whey Protein is an important supplement for runners.


We've talked about whey protein severally on NutritionRealm, Asides it being an important supplement, It's also good for the body. Period. Here take a look at a few of them (Opens in a new tab)

Protein is a very important nutrient.. Such that none of us could actually live without.

It's essential for the body to take more protein and even more for the endurance athletes. In our infographic post we mentioned how much of these guys should be taken as per age range.​

whey protein supplements for ages

Whey protein supplements could provide you with the essential nutrients your body need and serve as a supplement.

Note that for most runners taking up to 40 to 60 grams of whey protein is okay per day. Next supplement for runners?

3. Caffeine

You knew caffeine was going to be on the list right? Caffeine is one of the allowed enhancers out there "legally" and most endurance athletes if not all relies very much on it.

Apart from caffeine being a performance enhancer and supplement for runners most people, ordinary including you take some amount of it in your coffee to stay up and running.

Is that correct?

​Caffeine's chemical name is "trimethylxanthine". Enhances mood, performance and happens to fall into the categories of energy best supplements for runners knee.

Even non-athletes rely on caffeine to stay alert, Endurance athletes need more caffeine in their system to keep alive. Which brings us to this question.​

How much caffeine should adults and children take

These are the recommended amount of intake. While these may differ for endurance athletes taking no more than 5mg per 2.3 pounds of body weight per day is perfect.

Still following?

4. Iron

Iron is a very important mineral that the body needs. My Food Diary says Iron is a mineral that is required for our bodies to function properly.

Most of the iron in our body is found in the blood as hemoglobin, which is a protein used to carry oxygen to the body’s tissues.

There are two types of iron in our diets: heme and nonheme iron. Heme iron is derived from the break down of hemoglobin and is only found in animal products. Plant-based iron is referred to as nonheme iron (Source).

Where to get started?​ Got you covered!

foods rich in iron nutritient

Endurance athletes need iron at the right proportion especially females. Women lose a lot of blood before menopause, Iron is known to replace lost fluids in the active process. Not having enough iron is bad for everyone especially endurance athletes.

5. Creatine

The creatine supplement is a must for athletes including runners. Most people think "Oh creatine is used by body building fellows" I'm a runner, What's it got to do with me?


It's got everything! Creatine contains​ amino acids that are very crucial to the body.

When taken, Creatine may reduce the levels of VO2 which allows the body to produce more oxygen and use them effectively. Basically as creatine helps bodybuilders gain more muscles, It can also helps runners.

Other Amazing Reads

An article on Mensfitness says:​ Creatine will help you run 5x faster.

Whilst creatine is not for everyone and does have some side effects like it doesn't work well for everyone, It's a good supplement runners can opt-in for.

6. Essential Fatty Acids

EFA like omega 3 fatty acids are essential supplements for runners. They're good at keeping the nervous system up and functioning. As you all know this is good for runners.

It's very difficult to get these essential fatty acids in the foods we eat which is why we must supplement ourselves with it. 

Evidence suggests that seafood rich in EPA and DHA should be included in a heart-healthy diet & as usual  a functioning heart is essential for runners. These essential acids can be derived mostly from sea foods and fish oil.

​Runners Need Fatty Acids.

So What's Next?

Now that you've seen the 6 best supplements for runners?

It's to take action. Supplement yourself with as much as you can but be careful not to go over the recommended dosage.. Doing that might be harmful to your health.

Always remember, Supplements can only enhance, Eating good food and having a proper nutrition/diet plan is almost irreplaceable.

We seriously hope that you have enjoyed this guide, If yes then...

Leave a comment below, Share it... Make us happy 🙂

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