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How to Get The Best Body Shape Ever (The Ultimate Visual Guide)

I know how essential it is to get that slim and fantastic body shape, In fact we all do. While some of us are born lucky with such great shape.

...Some are just not and have to work their way up to that slim body they want and truly deserve.

Nutrition Realm was started to help with such issues which is why in this article visually I have added a whole lot of visual contents that will help you get the best body shape ever.

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Squat Your Way There

Check out these ultimate squatting techniques to help you get in better shape 🙂 They will help you master lower body movement perfectly.

How to Get The Best Body Shape

Water's Good for The Body

You know what they say about taking water especially if you're on the weight-loss journey! But then taking water might be too boring, Hey there's a way to stay hydrated with it just plain H20.

Here's ways to eat water:

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how to eat your water infographic

Killer Workouts to Sauce You Up

Yep! quick workout techniques you can quickly practice if you're away from the gym or on a journey...Even at home you can do these.

fast exercises buzzfeed

Daily Work Out Plan?

Back On Pointe prepared an awesome daily (a week) workout plan. We found it on fitsugar and thought it was super perfect. See it below.

one week workout plan

This 7- Minute Workouts Bodyweight Challenge

best exercise

Yoga Yoga

Yaay! Something finally on Yoga! Rest 🙂 there's more.While you rest, Do these awesome​ stress management Yoga poses. You'll love it.

chill out yoga moves

OMG! Abs in 10 Minutes?

Sounds funny? Here's some proof! These 10 minute Abs workout will rock you and your core with tons of amazing and unique styles 🙂

10 minutes abs from fitstar

Get Your Squatting Right?

A simple illustration is added below... On squatting properly. This however is another guide to correct and up your squat game.

How to Squat properly...

Resistance Band Abs Work out

Tough band Work outs yeah? Check out these moves from The Fit Girls.

thelivefitgirls resistant band exercise routine

Getting The Perfect Backside

These are the 9 very best moves for the perfect backside - Butt.

getting the perfect backside

Work Work Work Work Work!

Take a look at these workouts. They're divine. What's more? You can totally pull it off in 15 Minutes 🙂

strenghtening exercise

The Power Pumping Yoga Workout

Yes, these Yoga poses too.

yoga moves for strength

Master Running!

Learn to graduate from Walking to running. Courtesy: Neila Ray.

from walking to running

Yoga Essentials!

These yoga poses? Perfect for beginners! See these 11 essential yoga poses everyone should practice from Live Strong

yoga essentials

Pre-workout Snacks

Fuel your workouts... Check out these pre workout snacks. You need a bite of these before an extensive workout.

preworkout snacks to help you workout

Self Massages

Prevent getting loose and sustaining an injury. Gift yourself a massage by yourself.

self massage foam roller

The Perfect Gym Bag

Have it packed like a pro. Here's the few but important things you must have in your gym bag! Don't miss any for anything in the world.

gym bag essentials

50 Reasons To Exercise From Neila Ray

reasons to exercise

Wrapping It Up!

This is a pretty big list aimed at helping you get the best body shape ever.... These images do not belong to me neither did the NR team create them.

The respective owners with more details were linked to for more clarification.

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