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An All Round Yoga Exercise: Saluting The Sun Infographic

Right here on Nutritionrealm. we've discussed alot on Yoga and how much good can come from Yoga.

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Today's infographic post is going to be an interesting one as we're going to be looking and talking about an all-around yoga exercise called:

The 12-Step Salute to The Sun

Now what's the 12 step salute to the sun yoga exercise all about now? It's a series of workout yoga moves which when done in the morning helps relief stiffness and invigorate the body.

It all starts from standing with your feet slightly apart, palms together, thumbs against your chest (That's step one) then the next step is to inhale deeply while slowly raising your hands over your head and bend back as far as possible while tightening your buttocks.

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Moving deeper, The infographic below has all the details so to speak, But lets check out a few of these moves first.

all round yoga exercise saluting the sun infographic

Step 3 starts with a slow inhale and bending forward. Keep your knees straight until your fingers touch the floor outside your feet (If you can't touch the floor, go as far as you can to) then bring your head in towards your knees.

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