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Living Healthy or Staying fit isn't just a Trend or Fancy thing. It's a Lifestyle and You should adopt it for yourself and Yours...

Hi there and welcome to Nutrition Realm. My name is Alicia and I’m your host on his blog. Well same as I’m the blogger here, Editor -in- chief. I started this Blog to share Well researched nutritional and health tips including how to lose weight fast and how to live  healthy lifestyle. Why? Cause that’s what matters to me right now and It should to you too.

I’m not doing all these alone. In fact I have Babs to thank for a large portion of all the tons of time and resources that went in to starting including designing the blog and putting me through on how to get by these on my own.

I want this blog to be different from others. You’re not going to be getting pitched or forced into buying no-good health products designed to lie to you. In fact I have made an effort to dedicate a huge chunk of my time into creating good contents for Nutrition Realm. I’m looking to get a great team from all over the globe as well, Get them to contribute to this blog.

My Story?

Of course I was normally just like you were born, In fact I used to live a crazy fun life taking and ingesting in everything I could find, But along the line I found out it’s not really good for me.

Then I thought? This shouldn’t be what I’m doing right? I knew right away slowly started adopted a healthy lifestyle. Eating well and shedding off unnecessary fats my body accumulated during the whole time.

Of course It was hard and I’ll be sharing every bit of it here on my blog, So stay tuned and hang around. Least I forget, I have a newsletter you can subscribe to so as to get every new article I publish in your email right away without having to pay anything for it. If you subscribe I’ll send you your own 27+ pages guide to living healthy made just for you. Here’s the link to Subscribe NOW.

Least I Forget

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Wishing you nothing but the best in your healthy living journey, Please if you need anything! Please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m super responsive.

Alicia Butner Founder, Nutrition Realm.