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Spare 12 Minutes Of Your Day For This Core Workout

We found this amazing 12-minute core workout from the folks at Greatist and we literally couldn't resist sharing.

This workout moves are targeted at mostly ladies and you're required to complete as many reps as possible of each move for 30 seconds.

For the static moves, hold for 30 seconds and try to repeat for 3 rounds total buy make sure to rest for atleast 30 seconds bet​ween sets. Getting started.

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The Workout Moves

  • ​V-Ups - 30 Seconds
  • Russian Twists - 30 Seconds
  • Bullet Point 2
  • Flutter Kicks - 30 Seconds
  • Bicycle Kicks - 30 Seconds
  • Plank - 30 Seconds
  • Side Plank

​See The Full Workout Infographic Below,

12 minutes core Workout

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This core Workout moves are expert approved and you can find more details from the author: Greatist​.

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